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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Bert who is in the house in North West Yanille.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 1,000 Thieving Exp, 9,000 Crafting Exp, Bert's Sand delivery service (once a day you may talk to Bert and get him to deliver 84 buckets of sand to your bank account). 
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Skills: 17 Thieving, 49 Crafting.
Required Items: Beer, a Vial (2 best to save time), Red Berries, White Berries, 5 Earth Runes, Bucket of Sand, (Bulls-eye) lantern lens.
Suggested Items: Ring of Duelling, Amulet of Glory, teleport runes to watchtower and Ardougne.
NPC: Bert, Betty, Guard Captain, Mazion, Sandy and Zavistic Rarve.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

First of all you need to talk to Bert and agree to report the severed hand. He will give it to you. Go talk to the Guard Captain who is located to the South in the Dragon Inn. He will ask for a drink. Buy him one from the barman. Talk to him again to report the hand. He will do some unintentional stuff with the hand and give it back to you. He tells you to go talk to the wizards. Head east to the wizards guild, and ring the bell. Zavistic Rarve will appear and talk to you. You will find out that the hand belongs to his student. You will be asked to investigate. Go back and talk to Bert again. He will give you his work rota.  Head off to Brimhaven. South of the Restaurant you will see a small building with a sign saying ’Sand’. This is where Sandy is. Talk to him. You will find that he doesn’t want people prying into his business. Search his desk. You will find his copy of Bert’s Rota. Compare the two, and you will notice they are different. You now need to go back to Bert, and ask him about the discrepancies between the two rotas. He will be confused and ask you to talk to the wizards. He gives you a magical looking scroll. Go back to Zavistic Rarve and give him the scroll. He will tell you  that you need a truth serum to investigate Sandy. Also, he will tell you, that Betty in Port Sarim will make you one. He also gives you an orb to interview Sandy with. He will offer to teleport you to Port Sarim in exchange for an empty vial. First, though, get the following items out of your bank: Red Berries, White Berries, Bulls-Eye Lens, and two empty vials. When you arrive at Betty’s Magic shop talk to Betty. She will ask for a vial, so give it to her. She will then present you with a bottle of water, and tell you to make a rose tinted lens. First use the Red-berries on the bottle of water. Then use the White-berries on the bottle. Use this dye on the Bull-eye lens. Talk to Betty again, and she will tell you to stand in the doorway with the lens. Walk over to the doorway and stand on the inside. Use the Rose Tinted Lens with the Counter. You will be given an incomplete Truth Serum. To complete it, you need something of Sandy’s. You will need to go back to Brimhaven and pickpocket Sandy. When you have the sand from Sandy return to Betty. You will receive the completed Truth Serum. Head off to Sandy in Brimhaven. You now need to find a way to get the serum in his coffee. Distract him by using one of the possible lines that you can tell him (it is random which will work for you). Quickly pop the serum in the coffee. He will drink it. Activate the orb Zavistic Rarve gave you. Talk to Sandy, and he will tell the truth. Extract the confession from him, and return to the Wizard. You will be asked by Zavistic Rarve for 5 Earth Runes and a bucket of sand. He will do a bit of magic and you will see a cut-scene. He will then ask you to help recover his students body. Head off to Entrana. Talk to the Mazion by the sandpit. He will give you the dead wizard's head. Go back to Zavistic Rarve and receive your reward. This completes the quest..

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