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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to Sylas in Taverley Village.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 6000 Agility, 4000 Farming, 5000 Herblore, 5000 Hitpoints, 6000 Thieving, 14000 Woodcutting, Dwarven helmet.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Witch's House.
Required Skills: Level 45 Farming, Level 52 Herblore, Level 58 Thieving, Level 59 Agility, Level 71 Woodcutting.
Required Items: Food, Weapon, Non-metal gloves, 2 Tarromin, 2 Water filled vials, Seed dibber, Watering can, Woodcutting axe.
Monsters: Mouse (level 95), Glod (level 138).
NPC: Sylas, Grimnash, Rupert the Beard, Princess Miazrqa.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Talk to Sylas in Taverley. After a long talk about beans he will tell you to bring him a feather from a Griffin named Grimgnash on White Wolf mountain. Head to the north-east part of White Wolf Mountain and talk to Grimgnash. Be careful not to anger him as he will hit you and deal a lot of damage. Tell him about death and destruction. Once he is asleep go ahead and grab a feather from the pile. Now return to Sylas.

Sylas will take the feather and tell you to get Rupert the Beard's Helmet. Ask him about it and he will tell you that Rupert lives in a house between Goblin Village and Ice Mountain. Once you get there, climb over the small wall and talk through the drain pipe. Rupert will talk back. Talk again and he will tell you to climb up. Now climb up on his beard to the top floor. Talk to him yet again, and he will tell you to talk to the princess.

Go down to the north side of the building and talk to Miarzrqa. Say "Second cousin twice removed" to get the conversation going. She will ask you to get her pendant and she will give you a key.

Head to the Witch's house back in Taverley. Enter and go down to the basement. Then go through the gate with your leather gloves on. Search the music stand to get the music sheet. Play the notes from the sheet on the piano and the compartment will open. The notes are: E-F-E-D-C-A-E-G-A. The higher the note on the sheet music (denoted as upper) are further to the right and the lower notes (lower) are more to the left. Once you search the compartment you will get a "Shrinking recipe," a "To-do list," and two "Shrunk Ogleroots," Make two "Shrink-me-quick" potions by following the directions from the "Shrinking recipe."

Go to the mouse hole and drink a "Shrink-me-quick" potion. You will instantly go through the hole. Follow the path and before the end go up the nails. Go south-west and and climb up these nails also. Turn around and go up more nails. Now follow the path north-east and climb up some more nails. Go north a little and down these nails and take the pendant. Now head back to the Miarzrqa and give her the pendant. She will release Rupert who will give you his helmet. Now head back to Sylas.

Give Sylas the helmet and he will give you some magic beans. After a talk, where he wants you to get him a golden goblin, go south-east to the magic bean patch and plant them. After you water the beans, a beanstalk will appear. Climb up the beanstalk and kill Glod (Level 138). Beware, however, as he can drain your prayer. After you kill him he will drop two big bones, an uncut ruby, an uncut sapphire, a watering can (4) and a golden goblin. Take the goblin back to Sylas who tells you to cut down the beanstalk. Go back to the beanstalk and use the "Shrink-me-quick" potion on it. Use your axe to cut down the beanstalk. Go back to Sylas one more time to receive your reward.


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