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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to Brother Tranquility on Mos Le'Harmless..
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 6000 Prayer, 3000 Crafting, 2000 Construction, 5000 in any one skill over level 30, Barrelchest anchor, Prayer book (cures poison).
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: Creature of Fenkenstrain, Cabin Fever, Recipe for Disaster - Saving Pirate Pete.
Required Skills: Level 16 Crafting, Level 30 Construction, Level 50 Prayer.
Required Items: Diving apparatus, fishbowl helmet, hammer, 40-50 nails, 18-20 normal planks, holy symbol, ring of Charos, 10 fur.
Other Requirements: Access to a Player Owned House workshop, Ability to defeat a level 190 monster without using Prayer.
Monsters: Zombie Pirate (Level 57), Sorebones (Level 57), Barrelchest (Level 190).

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Speak to Brother Tranquility on Mos Le'harmless. He will ask you to help him fend off some zombie pirates. Agree to help him and he will teleport you to an island called Harmony where he, other zombie monks, and zombie pirates reside. For future teleports, right click Brother Tranquility and select "teleport." Go to the Saradomin statue, north of the granary you were teleported to. Zombie Pirates will be all over the island. Pull the statue aside to reveal a hole and climb down. You will see some stairs that lead into the water. Go down these. You will need your diving apparatus and helmet equipped. Once you are in the tunnel, run through more zombie pirates to the end of it where you will see some damaged stairs. Repair them. You will need 10 nails (bring extra just in case), a hammer, and 4 normal planks. Climb up the reparied stairs and you will find yourself in a room with bookcases. Use the option "Peep Through Peephole." You will find out the Zombie Pirates are planning on knocking out the monks with sleeping gas. Report back to Brother Tranquility.

Tell Brother Tranquility the plot and he will send you to collect a prayer book from Edgeville Monastary. You will be teleported back to Mos Le'harmless. Go to the monastery and search the bookcase on the left side of the building. You will find the book of prayers. Read the book to find how to cure the monk's disease. Pick the item asked by the book. It will be either Cabbage or Holy symbol. To get the cabbage, go south to the entrance of the mountain and then go northeast. Pick a head of cabbage in the patch north of the monastary. To get a holy symbol, go to Crafting Guild, mine silver, pick up the Holy mould (1st floor), smelt, complete with a ball of wool and have it blessed by the head monk in the monastary.

Return to Brother Tranquility who will teleport you back to Harmony and ask you to recite the prayer. Talk to Brother Tranquility again. He will ask you to bring Dr. Fenkenstrain to help them get their brains back. Go to Dr. Fenkenstrain in his castle. He is at the top of the central tower. You will ask him to help get the monks' brains back. He will be scared to pass the werewolves, so you must find another way to get him to Harmony. He will tell you to talk to Rufus, the shopkeeper of the food shop in Canifis, and arrange for him to be shipped over to Harmony in a crate.

Go to Rufus with your Ring of Charos equipped. Ask him about the shipping order and he will say he wants cats in the crate and that they must be inspected. You will be given a wolf whistle to blow once you have made the crates and you will need to make some fake cats out of planks and fur, made on the craft bench in your or your friend's house. Get your fake cats and crate part and build the crates on the ghost crate image next to Fenkenstrain in the tower. You will need all 6 crate parts, a hammer, and 20 nails. You will need to add a false bottom to the crate for the Fenksentrain to hide under; this requires 4 normal planks and 8 nails. Next fill the crate with your 10 fake cats. After that, you will need to blow your whistler and Rufus will appear and inspect the crate. After he leaves, he will give you a receipt. When he does this, you need to use it on the crate and the crate will teleport. Once the crate and the doctor have been moved, you will need to go back to Harmony and talk to Dr. Fenkenstrain. He will ask you to get some items for him. The items are: Cranial Clamp, Pair of Brain Tongs, Three bell jars, at least 30 skull staples, and a Hammer.

To get the items he asks for, you will need to go to the church north of where Brother Tranquility is. You will find the door to be blocked, so you need to go and get a powder keg, fuse, and a tinderbox from the ghost ship north of the church. Search the locker to get the fuse, go up the ladder and get a tinderbox. Finally, go and get a keg from the top deck of the ghost ship. When you have these three items, go back to the blockaded door of the church and use the keg on the door, then the fuse, and finally use the tinderbox on the fuse to destroy the door. Kill the Sorebones (Level 57) to get all of the items you need except for the hammer.

Once you have all of the items the doctor asked for, go back and talk to Dr. Fenkenstrain and he will perform the operation right then. Now that they are back to normal, talk to Brother Tranquility and he will tell you to confront Mi-Gor who is in the church north of where you are now. Now that you are ready for the final battle, go back to the church and confront Mi-Gor and his bodyguard Barrelchest (Level 190) will appear and attack you. Once he is dead, he will drop a broken barrelchest anchor which can be made into a weapon. Once you have confronted Mi-Gor and killed his bodyguard, return to Brother Tranquility and tell him that Mi-Gor has fled for your reward.


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