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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Begins in the Gnome Stronghold. Talk to King Kareem at the bottom or top floor of the Grand Tree. He will give you some tree bark and a tree gnome translation book.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 18,400 Attack exp, 7,900 Agility exp, 2,150 Magic exp, and you can now access the secret grand tree mine and use the Gnome Gliders along with Tree spirits to teleport you around.
Quest points gained: 5.
Required Skills: Level 25 agility and be able to kill a black demon level 172. You can do this at any level but I advise you to wait until your magic or fighting or both are above 40.
Required Items: 30 gold (for ship from Karajama to Ardougne), 2 waters and 2 laws (only if you are able to teleport to Ardougne)
Monsters: Jorges (level 48), Jungle spiders (level 42), Giant bats (level 27), Black demons (level 172)
NPC: King Narnode Shareen (Grand Tree), Hazelmere (Green Spider's Island), Glough (Gnome Stronghold), Forman (Karamja Shipyard), Anita (Gnome Stronghold), Femi (Gnome Stronghold), Gnome Guards (Gnome Stronghold).

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

From Gnome Stronghold go south-east of Yanille and on to the green spiders island. Walk across the bridges and you'll end up on the largest of the two islands, go to the house and up the ladder. Talk to the gnome Hazelmere, he'll just say "blah, blah, blah" use the book to translate, and you will find out that he said. A man will come up to you with the king's seal, give the man Darconia Rocks, and Darconia Rocks will kill the tree. Now go all the way back to the Gnome Stronghold.
King Narnode Shareen: Talk to him. Choose the option 'None of these' until you see the first part of the translation, click it, do the same with the second and third sentences. The King then tells you to go to speak to Glough. He is south-east of the Grand Tree, go up the ladders around there until you find him.
Glough: Talk to Glough, he'll basically tell you off, so just talk to him and go back to the King. Talk to the King, and then go up to the top level of the grand tree, and talk with Charlie there, before going back to Glough's House.
Glough's Tree House: Go to Glough's tree house again and search the cupboard there to get his diary. Then speak to him and he will call his guards to lock you up in jail, but don't worry, the King will come and rescue you. After your chat with the King, talk to Charlie. He tells you about the shipyard in Brimhaven. Now talk to the Gnome pilot, and choose to fly to Karamja. You crash land in the Karamja Jungle. From the crash site go south-east until you reach a gate. Attempt to open the gate and the guard stops you and asks what you're doing. Tell him that Glough has sent you and then give him the pass, "Ka-Lu-Min." Find the foreman and talk with him.
Foreman: He will ask you to go to his office, once you're there answer his questions. It doesn't matter if you answer the questions right, if you don't you'll just have to fight him. After you've talked with him, go back to the Gnome Stronghold.
Femi: Once you reach the gate of the stronghold try to walk through it. The guards won't let you. There's a Gnome with a cart named "Femi" talk to her and she'll let you hide in her cart. Once inside the Stronghold just go to the King and talk to him.
King: The King tells you to leave because everyone is paranoid, don't. Climb the ladders to the top and talk to Charlie again. He'll tell you about a chest in Glough's house. But in order to get the key you need to go to Glough's girlfriend's house, where he left the key. She lives west of the Swamp, the second ladder west.
Anita: Speak to Anita and she gives you the key for the chest. Go to Glough's house again and open the chest. Then go back and talk to the King. The king will tell you that he had guards search the house and found nothing suspicious except some twigs. The king gives them to you (keep these twigs as you will need them).
Get ready for your fight with the demon. You can either use armour and weapons, or magic. Remember to have 4 slots open for the twigs.
4 twigs: Go back to Glough's House. Use the twigs on the Pillar's in this order:
T = First on the left.
U = Second from the left.
Z = Third from the left.
O = Most right one.
Open the trap door and climb down. Glough will walk to you and walk a bit, then he'll call fourth his demon. You must fight and kill the demon.
King Narnode Shareen: Once you have killed the demon, walk through the cave until you see the King and then talk to him. He'll tell you to search the roots for the Daconian stone, once you've found it, talk with him again.

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