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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Bartender in Port Sarim.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Gold bar and 200 Crafting exp.
Quest points gained: 5.
Required Items: 3 Goblin Mails (kill some goblins to get this), 50-100gp, and some dyes.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Goblins: Go to the Goblin Village north of Falador and speak with one of the generals, ask if you should pick for them.
Dyes: You can get these from Aggie in Draynor Village. Go there and ask her about what colour you need.
Blue Dye: To make blue dye, you will need 2 woad leaves. Woad leaves are available from Wyson the gardener, who can be found in the garden north of the Eastern Falador Bank. If you offer him 20gp for one, he will give you two for your generosity, otherwise you will have to pay 15gp a piece.
Red Dye: To make red dye, you will need 3 redberries. These can be collected South-east of Varrock, in the woods east of the Stonehenge there there are two spawn spots.
Yellow Dye: To make yellow dye, you will need 2 onions. These can be found in a patch just west of the Rimmington mines.
You can also mix these colours together to make other dyes.
Purple dye: To make purple dye, simply use red dye with blue dye.
Orange dye: To make orange dye, simply use red dye with yellow dye.
Green dye: To make green dye, simply use blue dye with yellow dye.
Once you have the right dye, use it with a Goblin Mail.
Generals again: They don't like the orange armour, so now you'll have to make some blue. Aggie will charge you 5gp for making the dye. Once you have it, use it on a Goblin Mail, and return to the generals.
Brown Armour: The brown armour the generals talk about is actually just the normal type. So just get another Goblin Mail and talk with them again.

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