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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: The Dwarven Boatman in the cave east of Rellekka, north of the mining field.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 2500 Mining exp, 2500 Smithing exp, 2500 Crafting exp, 1500 Magic exp, 1500 Thieving exp, 1500 Firemaking exp 
Quest points gained: 2.
Main quest area: Keldagrim
Required Skills: Level 33 magic, level 14 thieving, level 12 crafting, level 16 firemaking.
Required Items: Redberrie Pie, 1 coal ore, 1 iron bar , 1 log, 3 cut sapphires, pickaxe, tinderbox, 200gp, 1 law and 1 air rune.
NPC: Dwarfen Boatman, Commander Veldaban, Blasidar the Sculptor, Santiri, Riki the sculptor's model, Vermundi, Librarian, Saro, Dromund.

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After you've spoken with the boatman, you'll be taken by boat to the dwarven city of Keldagrim. On the way there the boat will tip over the great statue and you'll be arrested by the black guards of the city as you arrive. You'll be asked by Commander Veldaban to help the local sculptor rebuild a statue. He can be found in East Keldagrim, south of the Kebab shop. He will tell you that he needs you to find a pair of boots, some clothes and a battleaxe to dress the new statue in. Talk to Santiri in the sword shop in the north-west of Keldagrim. Ask him about a special axe. Talk for a bit and he will give you the axe and will talk abut an imcando dwarf fixing it. Use your sapphires on the axe. Go to the south-east of the city and talk with one of the conductors there and buy a ticket. Now take the cart to the Dwarven Mines. Walk to Port Sarim, and then further south to find a house just west of the dungeon. Talk to the dwarf, and he'll say how he loves redberrie pie. Offer him one, talk to him again and says he needs an iron bar to fix the axe. Give him an iron bar and he will fix the axe. Go back to Keldagrim. Talk to the sculptor who sends you to his model. Give him the axe. Next to the sculptor's house there is a massive marketplace, where you will find Vermundi. Ask her about some special clothes. She will send you to the librarian in West Keldagrim to get a book about school custumes which the kings dress is in. The librarian will say its on one of the shelves, but he can't remember where, so you'll just have to search them all. Once you have the book get your coal ore, log, tinderbox and the money from the bank, and ask Vermundi about the special clothes once again and she will take the designs. She will need some help with her spinning machine, so use your log or coal on it then use your tinderbox on it. Talk to Vermundi about the special clothes again. Pay her the 200gp and she gives you the clothes. Take them back to the sculptor who will once again tell you to take them to his model. Walk to the south west part of Keldagrim to the shield shop and talk to a man named Saro. Ask him about some special boots. He will tell you that he sold the special boots to a man named Dromund. He says Dromund is known for his wealth and peculiarities. He lives north of the bank. Talk to Dromund and he won't let you have the boots. Try and take the right boot and the cat will meow and you will not able to take it. Place yourself outside the window next to the right boot and when he's on the left wall not looking telegrab the boot. The left boot is very easy. Once he passes the table just grab it. Talk with the sculptor after giving the boots to the model. He tells you he needs to know what the head should look like. He wants you to go and find someone at the consortium (on the second floor in the centre/marketplace on the west side of the river). Speak to the secretary of any of the companies and do one of their tasks. Go back and do another task. In total you have to do five tasks. After these, you may request to talk with the director. Ask the director about joining the company, and he'll tell you that you need to prove yourself. Do some tasks for the director, and then ask him about joining. Once joined tell him that Blasidar sent you, and that you'll support the fact that it should be his head which should go on the statue. Talk to Veldaben once again. You will be asked to go with him to a meeting. There is a cut scene and the quest is complete.

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