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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Talk to Velorina inside Ghost Village.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Free entrance to Port Phasmatys, teleportation to there using a special vial, which can be recharged right next to it at the ectofunctus, 2400 prayer experience.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: Restless Ghost Quest and the Priest in Peril Quest.
Required Skills: Must be able to defeat a level 32 giant lobster, level 25 agility, level 20 cooking.
Required Items: 100 coins, a weapon, 7 pots, 7 buckets, spade, silk, needle, thread, knife, Amulet of Ghostspeak, any kind of gloves, oak longbow, bowl of water, 7 bones (can be obtained during quest), dyes, 33 ecto-tokens (obtained during quest).
Monsters: Giant lobster (level 32).
NPC: Velorina (main quest npc), Old crone, Necrovarus, Ghost Disciple, Gravingas.

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Items for this part:
7 Buckets, 7 pots, 7 bones, Amulet of Ghostspeak. 
To reach Velorina: To start off, take a pot, some bones or a weapon (level 3 chickens there), some buckets (can be done with 1 but need a lot more walking then) and an Amulet of Ghostspeak with you. Try to continue wearing this amulet the entire quest since it’s needed to talk to a lot of ghosts. If you ever get a ghost replying “woo woo woo” you're not wearing it.
Through the haunted woods: You’ll have to go through the haunted woods. If you're afraid of the vampires in the haunted woods take some food or just run from them. You don’t need to take other stuff since you will be able to use a bank soon. Go trough the haunted woods east of Canifis, you will find a ghost city here. At the north side of it, you will find a tower, with inside a Necrovarus and 2 disciples.
Ectoplasm: To the west is a ladder going down. Go down it and then to the opposite side. You’ll find some stairs going down again. Keep doing this a few times until you find yourself in front of a pool of slime. Use your buckets on it. Go all the way back up.
Bonemeal: Take some bones upstairs. If you don’t have any, go to the north-west to find a farm with dead chickens and dead cows to get some bones from them. Use your bones on the bone-grinder to the north. Now left-click it again to spin it’s wheel. After this, use your pot on it.
Ecto-tokens: Go back to the strange ectofunctus structure in the middle and left click it to worship it. Do this as many times as you wish before talking to the disciple and he will keep track of how many tokens to give you. You will get 5 tokens for each Ectoplasm + Bonemeal combination. Make sure you wear your Amulet of Ghostspeak when talking to him. You will need 33 ecto-tokens for the entire quest. Now you can go inside the city to the south. It will cost you 2 tokens. 
Velorina: Once inside you will be able to start the quest at the quest point on your map by talking to Velorina. Again make sure you wear your Amulet of Ghostspeak. You can either reply that you know the story of the city or if you are interested reply you don’t know it and read a (quite long) story. Offer to help her with her problem. You have now started the quest. If you are in need of a bank you will have to head south from the quest start.
The plead: Go back to the temple and talk to Necrovarus there. He will get upset that you talked to Velorina and threaten you. Since Velorina did mention another possibility, go back to her. You will have to pay another 2 ecto-tokens.
The refusal: Velorina will tell you about an old friend of hers who was once a disciple of Necrovarus but walked away. This was before they all died. You will have to go and find her. You can take all the stuff needed for this part from the bank now, or later at Canifis, which is a little further, but lighter if you intend to run. 
Items for this part: Gloves, bowl of water, bucket of milk.
The old crone: The woman is located in a small wooden house, next to the slayer castle, north from the Canifis slayer master. She will tell you that she can’t remember a thing at her age, but maybe some nettle tea will refresh her memory. Go to a nettle plant, these are located a little bit east from the slayer master. Make sure you are wearing gloves when you try to pick them, otherwise you’ll get stung. Now use the nettle with a filled bowl of water and then on a fire. You’ll get nettle tea.
Her own cup: Go back to the old lady, she will not be satisfied. She wants the tea out of her own cup where she always drinks from and she will hand over this cup to you. Now use your nettle tea with the special cup. Make sure you have your bucket of milk. She drinks her nettle tea with milk, so use the bucket on the cup. Wear your Amulet of Ghostspeak again. Now she will accept it and tell you that there is a spell to expand your Amulet of Ghostspeak to make it so you can control ghosts. It can only be used once though. She will tell you that she needs 3 items for this part, the book of Haricanto, the Robes of Necrovarus and a translation manual.
Items for this part: Silk, needle, thread, knife, dyes. Take whatever you need to kill a level 32, 29 ecto-tokens, spade, oak longbow. You can leave the spade, longbow and 25 of the tokens in your bank.
The first map piece: To start off, talk to the old woman again and tell her that she’s done so much and that you would like to do something in return. She will tell you about her son that’s missing and give you a model boat. Now you’ll need to use a piece of silk with the boat while the needle, treat and knife are in your inventory. You will make a sail. Now go to the east of the old lady’s shack, past the castle for the Fenkenstrain quest and further on until you find a broken down pirate ship. It’s north west of the farm with dead cows. Enter the boat and go up one of the ladders, to the south side of the boat you will find another ladder, go up again. You will have to search the mast there during low wind to find out what colour the bottom, the skull and the top of the sail have. You might want to take a note of the 3 colours. Paint the model boat flag in the exact same colours by using dye on it, then selecting what part you want to paint. To get the colours purple, orange and green, use the dyes with each other: red + yellow = orange, blue + red = purple, blue + yellow = green. After this, go down 1 ladder and talk to the boy there. Ask him if it’s his model ship. He will tell you yes and give you a key in return. You can open the chest in the room next to him with the castle to get a map piece.
The second map piece: Now go to the west side of the ship and look for a plank. Walk over it and you’ll be outside on a rock. Press the “jump rock” option on the rock where you are standing on, then when you’ve walked there, press jump rock on the rock you want to jump to. Keep doing this until you reach the end. It will take about 5% energy for each jump so try to set your movement to walk. At the end you’ll find a chest with another map piece. Now head back to the ship the same way you came.
The third map piece: Go to the lowest floor of the ship and search the open chests here. You won't need another key. You will be attacked by a giant lobster. Kill it and search the chest again. Use the map pieces on each other to complete the map.
Dragontooth island: Now go back into the ghost-city with the map. Take your spade from the bank, keep the map and take 25 ecto-tokens. Go to the east to find a small rowing boat. Talk to the captain and take a trip to Dragontooth island. On here, you will see a statue. Start west of it next to it’s arm, from here follow the instructions on your map. It has changed now that you're on Dragontooth island and will make more sense. Start next to the pointing hand of the statue and go 6 steps South, 8 steps East, 2 steps North, 22 steps South. Dig here to get the book.
Items for this part: About 100 coins.
Runedraw: Now go back with the rowing boat. A little to the west, still at the docks you’ll find a trader from the east, he’s human. Talk to him and ask him for the translation manual. He will ask you to get a oak longbow signed by Robin. Go to Robin who is inside the inn you're next to. Win 4 rounds of the game Runedraw so he will owe you 100gp. To pay off his debt he will sign your bow. Take it back to the trader for the manual.
The bedsheet: Now go to the innkeeper and ask him if he has any jobs for you. He will give you a bedsheet to take to Robin, keep it instead. Go back outside and to the slime where you filled your buckets. (You can’t go outside while wearing the bedsheet so keep it in your inventory). Use the bedsheet on it.
The petition: Back inside the town talk to Gravingas. He will ask you to get a petition signed with 10 signatures. Now wear your green bedsheet or the villagers will tell you they don’t trust you that a human wants to help them. Talk to the villagers to get 10 signatures, you can do the same villager as many times as you want, as long as you do another one in-between. There is also one that sells you his signature for one ecto-token. When you have 10 signed, go back to Necrovarus. He will get upset and in his anger he will drop a key. Take the key upstairs and use it on the door to the south. Open and search the coffin to get the robes.
Controlling Necrovarus: Now take the manual, book and robes to the old lady. She will enchant your Amulet of Ghostspeak with one charge. It will turn green. Now go back to Necrovarus. Make sure you kill any vampire attacking you since you’ll need to finish the conversation, you only get one shot at this or you’ll have to go back to talk to the old lady. Talk to him while wearing the green amulet, tell him the most upper option, now just quickly press continue until the conversation ends. Go back into the town and talk to Velorina. The quest is now complete.

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