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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: West of Varrock, speak with Gertrude at her house.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: Cooking exp., chocolate cake, stew and your very own little kitten. 
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Items: Raw sardine, milk and 100gp.

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Gertrude will tell you that she has lost her cat (Fluffs). She will also tell you to go to the market place and speak with either Shilop or Wilough. They will tell you that the cat is at their secret playground. Ask them what would make them tell where the playground is, and then give them 100gp.
Lumber yard: Go to the lumber yard north-east of Varrock, and go over the fence where it's broken. Go to the middle and up a ladder. Here you'll find the cat. Try to pick it up and it'll scratch you. Use the milk on it, and then try to pick it up again. Same thing will happen. Use a sardine on it, and it'll say that it doesn’t want that sardine. Go back to Gertrude.
Gertrude: Tell her that you have found her cat, but that it won't go with you. Gertrude will tell you that Fluffs loves doogled sardines. Go around to the back of her house and pick up some doogle leaves and use them with your sardines. Go back to the lumber yard, up the stairs, and use the seasoned sardine on Fluffs. Try to pick her up again, she still won't leave, this time it'll say that you can hear kittens somewhere.
Kittens: Go down again and search all the barrels and crates until you find a little kitten. Once you have it, go back to Fluffs, and use the kitten on her. She will run off home. Go back and talk with Gertrude to get your reward. This completes the quest.

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