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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to Mord Gunnars on Rellekka's northern docks.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward:10000 Woodcutting, 5000 Construction, 5000 Crafting, 10000 in two combat skills, Helm of Neitiznot, and access to a runite vein.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: The Fremennik Trials.
Required Skills: Level 20 Construction, Level 40 Agility, Level 46 Crafting, Level 56 Woodcutting, ability to defeat a level 122 troll.
Required Items: Raw tuna, 6 mithril ore or 7 coal ore (dependent on your mining level), 9 ropes, woodcutting axe, knife, thread, needle, hammer, bronze nail.
Monsters: Ice Troll King (Level 122), Yak (Level 22).

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Head to the northeastern dock of Rellekka and speak with Mord Gunnar. He will tell you the King of Jatizso has requested you for an important task. Head north into the town and enter the building just west of the bank and speak to His Royal Greatness King Gjuki Sorvott IV. Throughout the conversation, the King's cat will interrupt. Eventually the king will give in to it and send you to get a single raw tuna for it. If you do not already have one, a raw tuna can be purchased from the general store on the island. Talk to either Hrafn or the King to give the tuna to the cat, and he will stop interrupting. Talk to the King again, and he will continue his speech from earlier. He is suspicious of the Burgher of Neitiznot, telling you they have docked more trade ships than usual. Chancellor Thorkel Silkbeard will jump in to say that the Kelda traders of the Red Axe have arrived and are awaiting their ore. The miners of the kingdom are lazy so you'll need to help them out. Bring the ore (or coal, dependent on mining skill) to the king and you will be rewarded with 5000 gp (or 2000 gp if asked for coal).

There will be no more interruptions to stop your conversation. The King will tell you Mawnis Burowgar, the Neitiznot's Burgher, is an idiot. The King wants to best him as he has done before. As a paranoid king should be, he is suspicious of the Burgher, sure that he is scheming to defeat the King. He wishes to undermine this plot by sending you as a 'bard' of Rellekka (The King's Definition: charlatan or fool) to entertain the Burgher in order to spy on him. You will accept the mission and be sent to Neitiznot. The King suggests using the ferry as the bridges between the islands are broken. Before you are able to leave he will tell you to take his old Spymaster's costume from his chest. He will tell you to report to the Spymaster, Slug Hemligssen, who will only respond if given the password "free stuff please." Be sure to go to the chest and take the outfit before you leave.

Return to Mord on the dock south of the city and ask him to ferry you back to Rellekka. Then ask Maria Gunnars to ferry you to Neitiznot. Head northeast into the city and speak to Slug, who is north of the bank. Tell him the password, "free stuff please," and he will tell you how to gather the information. The Burgher and his men will relax in your presence, and as such you will need to listen to their conversation while you entertain them. Head to the building south of the bank and speak to Mawnis Burowgar. Make sure you have all four pieces of the jester costume on and that you are wielding nothing in your hands. You will have to respond to his wishes, doing the proper emotes when he asks for them. Pay attention to the conversation between the two guards behind you, as their conversation will contain all the information you need. After making a fool of yourself, return to Slug, who will ask you questions about what you heard. The answers to the questions are as follows: (1) Thakkrad thinks Neitiznot's troops can be ready in two days, (2) Seventeen militia have been trained, and (3) Thakkrad has two bridges to repair. Slug will give you 2500 gp. He will also tell you that the King has given him permission to follow up on these leads. He wishes to find out when the engineers intend to repair the bridge. In order to discover this, he will need you to gain the trust of the Burgher, which includes helping him if he asks for anything.

Take off your jester uniform and speak to the Burgher. He will tell you he has sought an audience with you for a number of days, in need of a courageous and valiant person. Before he is willing to entrust his people's fate to you, he wishes to make sure you can be trusted. Gaining his trust requires aiding him in yet more menial tasks, the first of which is to gather rope for the new bridge. The Burgher doesn't wish to use just any rope, but that made of the hair of the Yaks to the west of the city. You will find that any rope in RuneScape is actually made from Yak hair - Ned was trading for the ropes, not making them - and as such can be used. Speak to the Burgher again to give him the rope, and you will be rewarded with 1000 gp. The Burgher has two additional tasks for you, the first of which is to provide eight arctic pine logs which have been split in two. Arctic pines dot the region, so simply find one and cut 8 logs. Once you have the logs, take them to the woodcutting stump in the center of town to split them using your woodcutting axe. Take these to the Burgher to be rewarded with an additional 1500 gp. Now you are ready to repair the bridges for the Burgher. Each bridge requires four split logs and four ropes, which you piece together with a knife. Head north, across the first set of bridges, and right-click to repair the bridges connecting to the Ice Trolls' island. While you are repairing them, it is very likely you will be attacked by nearby trolls, so you may wish to wear armour. After repairing both, return to the Burgher to be rewarded with 1500 more gp.

Having earned the trust of the Burgher, it is finally time to discover the details of the secret assignment. The Burgher of Neitiznot wishes to raid the Troll Caves of the north in order to stop the attacks on his people. He needs for his militia to kill the Troll King to make sure the job is done. Being the cautious and generous man that he is, the Burgher offers you the honor of leading the military into battle. You will immediately accept, but you cannot lead the attack until the rest of the army arrives. In this waiting time, the Burgher wishes to find out if King Sorvott will misinterpret his intelligence and prevent the raid. Now you have to spy on your original employer. Return to Jatizso through the ferries. Rather than aimlessly spy on the King, you will find it much easier to simply talk to him. He manages to misinterpret the information, and believes an offensive is being mounted against Jatizso. His coffers are dangerously low, so he intends to collect taxes, even though his people are barely managing with what they have. He will establish a new tax in order to gather money. King Sorvott appoints you the tax collector of Jatizso. You will have to count the windows of each building and tax those who work inside 1000 gp for each window on their building. Go throughout the city and collect taxes as necessary: in the general store, in the northeast corner of the city, there are 5 windows, take 5000 gp from either Flosi Dalksson or Keepa Kettilon; in the building just west of the general store, there are 5 windows, take 5000 gp from Vanligga Gastfrihet, or you can pay the tax for her yourself; in the building in the southwest corner of the city, there are 8 windows, take 8000 gp from either Hring Hring or Raum Urda-Stein; in the other building with an anvil, there are 6 windows, take 6000 gp from Skuli Myrka. After you finish collecting the taxes from the citizens, return to the King and talk to him. Unfortunately, you did not gather enough taxes to pay for the necessary equipment. After some brainstorming, he will decide to instate a Facial Hair Tax. Speak to Thorkel to be told who you can tax. Raum Urda-Stein and Hring Hring reside in the southwestern building and Skuli Myrka is in the building north of them. Flosi Dalksson and Keepa Kettilon are both in the northeastern building. Tax all five of them and return to the King to find you finally have enough for the equipment.

The King now wishes to send you back to Neitiznot in order to find out who has been aiding the Burgher's engineers with repairing the bridges. Use the ferries to return to Neitiznot and speak to the Spymaster. Once again, you will need to entertain the Burgher while listening to the conversation. Put your jester costume on again and return to the Burgher. Again, you will have to respond to the wishes of the Burgher. Again, pay attention to the conversation between the two guards in the back. Return to the Spymaster to be asked questions about what you heard. The answers to the questions are as follows: (1) Neitiznot's militia is in a secluded bay, near Etceteria, (2) Thakkrad will deliver some potions to the militia tonight, (3) You have been helping Burgher Mawnis Burogar. When you finish answering the questions, you will be given 2500 gp. The Spymaster will then send you back to King Sorvott to discuss your information. Use the ferries to return to Jatizso and head to the King's building. When you speak to him, the King will have the guards stop your exit. You will now have to tell the King what Neitiznot has really been planning - a raid on the trolls, not on Jatizso. King Sorvott will doubt you, at which point you will tell him exactly what's on your mind. The King will be shocked that you talked like that to him, but will ignore everything you say. Believing his cousin, the Burgher, is trying to show superiority by attacking the trolls, the King will order his forces to be readied at once. You will once again reprimand the King and suggest that he join forces with Neitiznot, rather than try to best them. You will be sent to tell the Burgher that interfering with his plans will be considered war.

Return to Neitiznot by means of the ferries and speak to the Burgher. He will ask you if you've discovered the plots of Jatizso, at which point you will show him the document the King gave you. As there is little time to prepare for battle, the Burgher will immediately instruct his aide, Friedlief, to guide you through the ancient traditions necessary to become the head of the raiding party. Thakkrad will offer to guide you through the traditional rites. You must first wear the traditional armour of Neitiznot - yak-hide armour. Obtain three yak hides and have Thakkrad cure them for 15 gp. Craft one of each piece of the yak-hide armour with needle and thread. Wield it and return to the Burgher to continue with the rites. Now that you have the yak-hide armour, you will need a Fremennik round shield, made of two arctic pine logs, a rope, and some bronze nails. Make the shield at a woodcutting stump while carrying a hammer. Wield this shield and speak to the Burgher again. You will be appointed Champion of Neitiznot and be informed of the benefits. As the Champion, you are responsible for leading the militia to the caves and bringing back the head of the beast as proof of success.

It is now time to attack. Friedlief suggests an approach to avoid the men from Jatizso. Prepare for battle, which will be at the eastern cave on the northern island. There are two sections to the troll islands, so you will have to go north to the second section before heading east. Turn on range protect prayer Go east to the cave entrance to see a cutscene - after this you will have to fight. Upon finishing the cutscene, kill 10 trolls - refer to the quest journal to find out how many are left, if you lose count. You will not need to wear your yak-hide armour any more, simply keep it with you. During your battle, Bork Sigmundson can provide you with a varying number of prayer potion (3)s (around 3), strength potion (3)s (around 3), and tuna (around 6). Do not ask for these supplies unless you have enough space to hold everything, as he will give you each kind of supply only once. After killing the 10 trolls, it is time to run south, cross the rope bridge, and kill the Troll King. As soon as you enter, a cutscene will show the angry Troll King ready to attack the intruder. Immediately following this cutscene, he will begin attacking you. He can use ice spells, throw rocks, and melee you, though he appears to favor throwing rocks (ranging). As with other trolls, he is weak to poison. Do not use melee protection because if you do, he will throw you across the room.

After you defeat the Troll King, click him to decapitate the body. Be sure the head is in your pack. You can now use the rope bridge to the east and head north to use a ladder and escape. You will arrive at the west end of the troll island. Head down into Neitiznot and speak to the Burgher. Upon presenting him with the head of the Troll King, he will reward you with his crown. As part of your reward, choose two melee combat skills to gain 10,000 experience each.


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