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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Talk with the mountain dwarf east (or west) of the white wolfs mountain.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 3,255 fishing exp. You can now use the underground passage under the white wolfs mountain.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Skills: Level 10 fishing.
Required Items: Garlic, Fishing Rod (normal, not fly fishing), 100gp and a spade (can be found in Draynor Manor).

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Mountain Dwarf: Ask him what goes on down the stairs, he'll tell you that you can't go down there, ask him why not. Then ask if he wants to be your friend, and then ask how you can earn his trust. He'll tell you about the fishing competition and give you the pass.
Red vine worms: Go through the White Wolf Mountain, and into the woods west of Seers Village, find a way in (there's some loose railings where you can squeeze in around the back). You'll most likely be attacked by the level 44 guard dogs, go to the western area of the forest, and find some red vines. Check them to get some red vine worms. Three should be enough. you will need to have a spade on you to get them.
Hemenster: Now go to Hemenster and go in the gates for the competition place (just south of front-gate to the woods you were just in), speak with Bonzo, but don’t go to the willow tree as he tells you, go to the spot at the pipes instead, and try to fish. Ask Sinister why he can't fish at one of the other places, and then use your garlic on the pipes. Sinister will now let you fish at his spot, and when you do this you'll catch some giant carps. Catch three and Bonzo will say that you're the winner. 
Completing the Quest: Now you have the trophy, go back to the dwarf and collect your reward. The Quest is completed.

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