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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Talk to Veronica at the gates of Draynor Manor. You need to find her fiancé Ernest. 
Veronica is very worried. Her fiancé went into the big spooky manor house to ask for directions. An hour later and he hasn't come out.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 300gp. 
Quest points gained: 4.

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You find him in the top floor of the mansion, but he has been turned to a chicken. Help the professor to turn him back to human. 
Rubber Tube: Take the spade from the kitchen and dig the compost outside the mansion (west side). You will have to exit the mansion through the kitchen door. You will find a key. Use it on the locked door inside the mansion. 
Oil Can: Search the bookcase in the room with the red carpet on the ground floor, and you will find a secret entrance to the next room. Go down the ladders. You need to pull the right levers here to get the Oil can. This is the right combination: 
Pull A, Pull B, Go north eastern door, Pull D, Go south western door, Go southern door, Pull A, Pull B, Go north western door, Go western door, Go northern door, Pull E, Pull F, Go eastern door, Go eastern door, Pull C, Go north western door, Go western door, Pull E, Go eastern door, Go southern door, Go southern door, Go western door. 
Pressure Gauge: Take fish food from the 2nd floor. Take the poison from the witch's room and use it with the fish food. Go outside and use the poisoned fish food on the fountain. Search the fountain. 
Professor: He turns Ernest back to human after you bring the items he needed.

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