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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Lady Servil, south of the Ardougne Zoo.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
1000 gp, combat exp and thieving exp.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: Be able to kill level 112 and 132 monsters.
Monsters: General Khazard (level 112), Bouncer (level 137).

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Lady Servil: Talk to Lady Servil and she'll tell you that her husband and son have been kidnapped.
Khazard Armour: Head east of Servil and search the cupboards and chests in one of the houses there. You will find a Khazard helmet and a Khazard chainmail. 
Guard: Wear the Khazard armour and go into the jailhouse there. Talk with the guard inside and he'll tell you that he likes to drink. Now head of to the pub near by and talk to the bartender to get a Kheli Brew. Go back to the guard and give him the lovely brew. He'll get drunk and give you the key for Jeremy’s cell. 
Jeremy: Go to his cell and free him. He will go off to help his father in the fight arena. 
Arena: Go into the fight arena and help Jeremy and his father. There you will have to fight an Ogre. Once you defeated the Ogre you'll be locked up in a cell. Speak to Hengrad and you'll be returned to the fight arena for another fight against a Giant Scorpion. Once you've defeated that, you will have to kill a Bouncer, and after that General Khazard himself will appear and attack you. After killing him (or just running if he's to hard for you), go back to Lady Servil and claim your reward.

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