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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Talk to Dimintheis in a hut near the east bank in Varrock.
Quest difficulty level:
Reward: Steel Gauntlets.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Skills: Level 40 Mining, 40 Smithing, 59 Magic and 40 Crafting.
Required Items: Pickaxe, cooked shrimp, cooked salmon, cooked tuna, cooked bass, cooked swordfish, runes for the 4 blast spells and an antipoison.
Monsters: Chronozon (level 170).

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First Son:
He is the cook in Catherby, he will tell you that the brothers have broken the crest into 3 pieces, and that for his piece you must bring him some cooked fish, what you need is Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna, Bass and Swordfish, after you've given him that, he'll give you his part of the crest.
Second Son: This is the gem trader in Al-Kharid. He will tell you to speak with a man in the Scorpion Chasm (also called scorpion pit, its the mining field north of his location). He will ask you to make some jewellery from him of the purest gold. You will now have to go to the Dwarven Mines and have a word with Boot. He's past the anvils to the west.
The dungeon: After talking with Boot you'll know the location of the gold mine. It’s a dungeon east of Ardougne. There will be a few low level monsters there, nothing too hard. First go to the north wall and pull that lever up, then the south room and pull that lever up, back to the north wall and pull the lever down, then go in the north room and pull that lever up, go outside and pull the lever on the north wall up, and then last you'll need to go to the south room and pull that lever down. Now you'll be able to go into the cage, and mine some gold. Mine 2 ores.
Jewellery: Now that you have two gold, it shouldn't be a problem to make the ruby ring and necklace. Go back to the man in the scorpion pit, and give him the jewels. You should now have the second piece of the crest.
Last brother: Go to the Jolly Boar Inn north of Varrock. Speak with him and give him some poison antidote and he'll tell you where the last piece of the crest is.
How to kill the demon: After you’ve spoken with the last brother, go to the Edgeville dungeon and make sure you have the runes for the four blast spells. You'll have to kill the level 139 demon called Chronozon. To do this you'll have to fight him normally, but also hit him with the four blast spells, or else he won’t die. He will drop the last crest piece.
Note: The spells have to do damage! If they don't hit him, he will not drop the crest piece.
Completing the Quest: Put the three pieces together and go back to Dimintheis. He will give you some steel gauntlets, and tell you to visit the brothers to give the gauntlets powers. Cooking Gauntlet (at the first son) will make you burn less food. Crafting Gauntlet (at the second son) will give you more experience when crafting gold, or Magic Gauntlet (at the third son) which makes you hit harder when using magic.

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