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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to Martin the Master Gardener, just north of the village square in Draynor Village .
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 3,500 Herblore exp, 2,500 Thieving exp, 2,500 exp to a skill of your choice, access to Fairy ring transportation network.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: Fairy Tale Part I: Growing Pains.
Required Skills:Level 57 Herblore, Level 49 Farming, Level 40 Thieving.
Required Items: Dramen Staff, Vial of water, Mortar and Pestle.
Monsters: Gorak (Level 145).
NPC:Martin the Master Gardener, Fairy Godfather, Co-ordinator, Fairy Chef, Fairy Nuff, Fairy Very Wise, Fairy Queen.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

To begin, speak to Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village square. He will ask you to return in a few minutes to check and see how his crops did. Wait about 10 minutes and then talk to Martin a few times. He will tell you that the crops still are not growing well. Go to Zanaris to see what is wrong.

Make sure you have your Dramen staff and go to the shack in Lumbridge swamp that takes you to Zanaris. Once there travel to the far north west corner, just north of the bank, and pick up Nuff's Certificate. Go to the chamber room, which is just south of the entrance to Zanaris, and speak to the Fairy Godfather about the location of the Fairy Queen and he will ask you to find the Fairy Queen. Agree to find her and he will tell you to speak to the Co-ordinator.

The Co-ordinator, who is just outside of the chamber room, will tell you how to use the fairy rings. After she has explained how to use the fairy rings, right click on Nuff's Certificate and select the "study" option.

Go just south of the bank and speak to the Fairy Chef about the strange markings. She will tell you she has seen them before near the Cosmic Altar. Go southeast to the Cosmic Rune Altar and when you get there check the Rune temple sign, which is just south of the mysterious runes. It reads: "Cosmic Rune Altar." You can use these letters to decode Nuff's Certificate. To avoid the effort, it says: "The godfather attacked us. We have fled to safety. If you are loyal to her majesty, find us by using coordinates AIR, DLR, DJQ, AJS."

Leave the Cosmic Altar area. After following the winding path you will see a fairy ring. Make sure your Dramen staff is equipped and that you have Nuff's Certificate. Click the center of the ring. A window like this will appear. Click on each wheel so that AIR appears in the boxes in the bottom. Next click the teleport to this location button. Return to where you were by clicking on the center of this fairy ring. Now do the same thing for DLR, DJQ, and AJS, although when you do DJQ you will only teleport a few spaces away and stay in Zanaris. If you accidently go to the wrong place, start over with AIR again. Once you have teleported to AJS you will find yourself in the Queen's Chamber.

Go to the far North East side of the chamber and speak to Fairy Nuff. She and Fairy Very Wise will tell you that the Fairy Godfather still has the Queen's golden secateurs and that they need them back. Go to the Fairy Godfather again and pickpocket him. If you get caught just return and try again (it helps if the guards aren't looking) to get the secateurs. Return to the Fairy Ring and type AJS to go back to the Queen's Chamber. Give Fairy Nuff the secateurs and she will tell you that she also needs an essence potion to revive the Queen.

Fairy Nuff will tell you that to get the magic essence potion you need a Vial of water and you need to mix in star flower and a powdered Gorak claw. To get the star flower teleport to CKP using the fairy ring and pick a star flower from the plants that will begin to grow everywhere after a few seconds. Now go to the nearby bank and get your armour and food to fight an agressive level 145 Gorak that you can not use a protection prayer against. Teleport to DIR and fight a Gorak to get its claw. Once you have the claw use it with a pestle and mortar to get the powered Gorak claw. Use the star flower with the vial of water and then use the powered Gorak claw with the unfinished potion. You will now have a magic essence(3) potion. Take it back to Fairy Nuff. You need to enter all four codes again(AIR, DLR, DJQ, AJS). Speak to Fairy Nuff and then use(be careful not to drink it all) the potion on the Fairy Queen who is lying on the bed nearby(which will use one dose of the potion). Speak to the Queen once she awakes to finish the quest and claim your reward.

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