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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: This quest starts at the Draynor Village market square.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: The Magic Secateurs that you have acquired during the quest, 3,500 Farming exp, 2,000 Attack exp, 1,000 Magic exp.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: Lost City and Nature Spirit.
Required Skills: You must be able to beat a level 111 monster.
Required Items: Dramen staff, Secateurs and a Ghostspeak Amulet.
Suggested Items: Ectophial, Teleport Runes to Ardougne, Varrock, Camelot and Yanille. If you are afraid of the Ghasts attacking you, bring a filled druid pouch. The Ghasts can’t really do any serious damage, though.
Suggested Skills: A high farming level will be helpful.
Monsters: Tanglefoot (Level 111).
NPC: Martin the Master Gardener, Elstan, Lyra, Dantaera, Kragen, Fairy Godfather, Fairy Nuff, Zandar Horfyre, Malignus Mortifer and Nature Spirit.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

First of all you need to talk to Martin the Master Gardener. He tells you that his roses are not as good as they used to be and crops have been getting smaller. Promise him that you will help him out. Go talk to various different farmers. You should go northwest next to the nearest allotments and talk to Elstan there. Ask if he's a G.A.G. member and he will tell you about the lack of rain. Now, use your ectophial and teleport or walk to Port Phasmatys. Go slightly west to the allotment and talk to Lyra. If you don’t have the ectophial, go to Rimmington bush patch and talk to Taria instead. Ask if she is a member of G.A.G too. She tells you that the insects are the problem. Go to Camelot with the teleport or by walking. Go to the Catherby allotment. Talk to Dantaera and ask her the same question. She says that the problem are the various adventurers planting crops in her fields. Walk to the tree patch just east from Catherby and talk to Ellena there. Ask her about the problems with farming. She says the reason is the seasons. Go to Ardougne and walk to the allotment north of the city. Talk to Kragen, who is looking after the allotments and ask if he is a member of G.A.G. He says the reason is the faeries. Now go back to Draynor Village and talk to Martin. He will tell you to go to the lost city, Zanaris, in Lumbridge. Take your dramen staff with you. Wear it and go to the wooden house which you entered in the Lost City quest. Walk south and talk to the Fairy Godfather. Ask him where the queen is and proceed west through Zanaris. Go to the room north from the bank of Zanaris and talk to Fairy Nuff. The queen is sick, Fairy Nuff will give you a list of her symptoms. Go to Falador and walk west to Dark Wizards Tower. Go to the highest floor and talk to Zandar Horfyre there. He will tell you to go talk to a necromancer called Malignus Mortifer. If you haven’t bought or taken your secateurs from bank yet, now is the time to get them. He can be found a little northwest from Port Sarim, or by going southwest from Falador south passage. Talk to Malignus, he will ask you to get him a skull from a grave in Draynor Manor. The grave is located north from the manor, near the gallows on the inner side of the fence surrounding the manor. Get a spade from the easternmost room of the manor and dig while standing on the grave to get a skull. Go back to Malignus and talk about the quest once more. He will tell you what you need to bless your secateurs. He will also ask you to get three different items and secateurs. Below is a list of different items: 
Avantoe: Buy from this other players, herbdroppers, grow them in a herb patch.
Baby dragon bones: Kill a baby dragon in Taverley dungeon or Brimhaven dungeon.
Blue Dragon Scale: Taverly dungeon.
Bucket of Supercompost: Buy from other players, make them by using 15 pineapples with an empty compost bin 
Bunch of Grapes: Respawn in cooking guild.
Cave Eel: Lumbridge swamp caves.
Charcoal: At the Shilo Village or Tai Bo Wannai general store.
Crushed gemstone: From failing to cut opal/jade/red topaz (Shilo village gems).
Edible seaweed: From trawler fishing, drop from rock crabs, or rock lobster and Dagannoths on Waterbirth Island.
Fat snail: Kill a not pointy, purple snail in Mort Myre swamp, the higher level the snail the better.
Irit leaf: Buy from other player, herbdroppers, grow them in a herb patch.
Jangerberries: Respawn at ogre island west of Yanille, grow them yourself in a bush patch.
Jogre bones: Karamja jungle, Ardougne zoo (telegrab needed).
Kingworm: Northwest part of the Gnome Stronghold, South of the Taverly herb shop.
Lime: Can be bought from the cocktail ingredient seller in Gnome Grand Tree.
Mort Myre Mushroom/Fungi: Pray with your silver sickle (b) in Mort Myre swamps near a log.
Mort Myre Pear: Pray with your silver sickle (b) in Mort Myre swamps near a bush.
Mort Myre Stem: Pray with your silver sickle (b) in Mort Myre swamps near a branch.
Nature talisman: Buy from other player, monster drop.
Potato cactus: Second level of the Kalphite lair.
Proboscis: From Tai Bwo Wannai minigame.
Red spider's eggs: Respawn in Varrock sewers or Edgeville dungeon.
Red vine worm: McGrubbors wood, West of Seers.
Slimey eel: Fish in mort myre swamps or lumbridge cave.
Snapdragon: Buy from other player, grow them in a herb patch, buy from the agility arena for 10 tickets, rare drop from tree spirit random event.
Snape Grass: Respawn west of the crafting guild, also spawns on Waterbirth Island.
Uncut diamond: buy from other players, monster drop, minable at the Shilo village gem rocks.
Uncut ruby: Buy from other players, monster drop, minable at the Shilo village gem rocks.
Unopened oyster: Big net fishing, killing rock crabs.
Volencia moss: Mining site in Karamja jungle Northwest of the nature altar.
White berries: Buy from other players, respawn in 45+ wilderness at red dragons, grow them yourself in a bush patch, drop from men in Canifis.
Get the items he asked you to get. Talk to the Nature Spirit in Mort Myre Swamp. If you have any food items that you need to take to him, take a filled druid pouch with you. Take your Ghostspeak Amulet with you. Talk to the Nature Spirit and ask to bless your secateurs. Go back to Zanaris, the Cosmic Temple ruins. Go through the hole in the western wall. Go to the end of the tunnel. Wear your magic secateurs and kill the level 111 Tanglefoot. Pick up the Queen's secateurs that the Tanglefoot drops. Go back to the Fairy Godfather and speak to him. This completes the quest..

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