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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to Brimstail, in his cave on the western side of the tree gnome stronghold.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 12000 Magic, 250 Construction, 2500 Woodcutting, 6000 Runecrafting, Crystal Saw (from small crystal seed).
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: The Grand Tree.
Required Skills:Level 5 Construction, Level 46 Magic, Level 13 Runecrafting and Level 45 Woodcutting would be an advantage.
Required Items: Woodcutting Axe, a Bucket of Sap(or a Knife and Bucket), Hammer, Saw, Maple Logs, Oak Logs, one Mud Rune, Pestle and Mortar.
NPC:Brimstail, Hazelmere, King Narnode Shareen.

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Talk to Brimstail and ask him about his new pet Izzie. He will tell you she has recently arrived. Ask him about his research and feign an interest in the history of his story; offer to help out and the quest will begin. He will tell you to go into the next cave and inspect the machine built by Oaknock the Engineer. Just inspect the machine and the crystal bowl (which is on an inaccessible island) and return to talk to Brimstail. Brimstail will ask you to talk to Hazelmere to discover the historical mistrust of Mages by Gnomes. Hazelmere is the Gnome you spoke to during the Grand Tree quest. He is located on the Jungle Spider Island east of Yanille ( you can take the Spirit Tree teleport to the Tree Gnome Village, use the Watchtower teleport or use the Fairy Ring to speed up your journey). Once you arrive speak to Hazelmere, but of course he only speaks Ancient Gnomish. Don't worry, continue listening and responding to his gibberish and he will cast a spell on you enabling you to communicate. Once you can communicate, Hazelmere will tell you a long story about the fall of Glouphrie and the historical mistrust of Mages. When he has finished his story he will give you a crystal disk. Return to Brimstail to recount Hazelmere's story. While you are explaining this to Brimstail you notice a mysterious figure sneak past and sabotage the machine. Speak to Brimstail again and he will ask you to inspect the machine. So head round the corner and inspect the machine and try to fix it, you will find that it is indeed broken. To fix the machine you need: one set of Maple Logs, one set of Oak Logs, a saw, a hammer, and Magic Glue. Most of this list is pretty obvious except the Magic Glue. Talk to Brimstail and he will eventually tell you to get some sap from an evergreen tree (normal trees with pointed tops also class as evergreens). To do this you must have a bucket in your inventory and use a knife on the tree. You should now have a bucket of sap. To make the glue you need to use a Mud Rune with a Pestle and Mortar to get a powdered mud rune. Add this powder to the sap to make glue. You can now return to the machine and fix it. Unfortunately, once you fix it, the machine is locked again. When you try to unlock the machine you are presented with a random number and a slot. The solution is to find the particular coloured shape associated with that number. There are four shapes (circle, triangle, square, pentagon) and seven colors. To find a number associated with a particular shape/color combination you multiply the number of sides the shape has by the number associated with the colour. The colors are: Red = 1, Orange = 2, Yellow = 3, Green = 4, Blue = 5, Indigo = 6, and Violet = 7. The four shapes having the following values: Circle = 1, Triangle = 3, Square = 4, and Pentagon = 5. In order to unlock the machine you must find a shape which is equivalent to the number given on the front of the machine. To do this you have to use Oaknock's Exchanger next to the main machine. The Exchanger will take up to 3 disks and convert them into other disks of equal value; do this until you are able to get a single disk with the value you require. If you need more crystal disks go and talk to Brimstail (he will only give you more disks twice unless you drop some and ask again). Once you have your disk you just need to insert it into Oaknock's Machine and click the green button. Now you have opened the machine you've got to do it all again, only this time there are three numbers. The first must be a single disk of the given value. The second must be exactly two disks which add up to the given value and the third is exactly three disks adding up to the given value. Again, if you need any more disks just go back to Brimstail and he will give you more. Once you are done the machine starts working the pet will become an Evil Creature. Talk to Brimstail, he isn't very happy about the fact his pet has transformed. He suspects that that the creatures are spies for Glouphrie and that they need to be killed. Now you have to find all six creatures and kill them at these locations: Brimstail's cave, entrance to the Stronghold, next to the Spirit Tree, Tortoise training area north of the swamp, next to King Narnode Shareen, and next to the Gnome Glider at the top of the Grand Tree. Once you have heroically slain the six Evil Creatures talk to King Narnode Shareen to complete the quest and receive your reward.


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