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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Talk to Auguste north of the herblore shop on Entrana.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward:4,000 Firemaking, 3,000 Farming, 2,000 Crafting, 1,500 Woodcutting, Flight cap and jacket, Ability to use the balloon transport system, Ability to make origami balloons.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Skills: Level 20 Firemaking, Level 30 Farming, Level 36 Crafting.
Required Quest Points: 20.
Required Items: Three papyrus, one ball of wool, one sack of potatoes (10), one unlit candle, yellow dye, red dye, ten silk, bowl, eight sacks, twelve willow branches, 10 normal logs, tinderbox.
NPC: Auguste.

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Talk to Auguste, who will tell you he wishes to leave Entrana by means of a hot air balloon. After a bit of discussion, he will send you out to collect items for his experimentation: three sheets of papyrus, one ball of wool, one full sack of potatoes, and one unlit candle.

Take the requested items to Auguste and he will tell you to construct an origami balloon. To do this, use your ball of wool on a papyrus sheet, then on your unlit candle. Give this to Auguste and you will get a cutscene where you release the origami balloon, which flies, then burns. Give him your remaining supplies for a second test. This one will fly steadily until a "flash mob" (a mob of angry peasants) destroys it.

Auguste is now ready to produce the real thing, and needs you to collect even more materials for him: Yellow dye, red dye, ten pieces of silk, a clay bowl, and eight sandbags, which are made by filling sacks with sand from a sandpit. He will also give you a willow sapling and a basket of apples to pay for its growth, so you can collect 12 branches from it for the platform; however, you do not have to use the tree he provides you, you may use your own. If you don't know where to find items, you can ask Auguste (for example, a bowl spawn can be found upstairs in the glassblower's house on Entrana.) Give him any items you have brought, then collect the rest and bring them to him. Use the willow branches on the platform to construct the platform. After doing so, Auguste will construct the balloon. Talk to Auguste, who will tell you that the balloon is theoretically ready for its maiden voyage. He will now tell you that it will be you piloting the balloon, not him, and he will instruct you on how to control it. You will need to bring 10 logs and a tinderbox to get the balloon started up.

In order to pilot the balloon your total weight must be under 40kg. Your goal is to pilot the balloon from one target to another without colliding with anything: trees, buildings, birds, or even clouds, all of which could damage the balloon. Dropping sandbags makes you go up significantly, while adding logs makes just a little bit of lift. To see how many sandbags and logs you have left, look to the right of their pictures. There are two ropes in the balloon, a red one for emergency drops, and one for smaller drops. Relaxing moves the balloon one step to the right. If you bail or crash, you will have to return to Entrana with another 10 logs to attempt the puzzle again.

For the first stage, click the sandbag and the log icons to move your balloon up three spaces. Now click Relax nine times. Now click the normal rope icon three times to move between the clouds and birds and finally click Relax repeatedly until you reach the right-hand side of the screen.

For the second stage, click Relax three times and then click a sandbag to move quickly upward. Now click Relax seven times, click the log icon to climb slightly over the roof of the building and then click Relax until you reach the end of the stage.

For the final stage, click Relax seven times. This will place you in a tight position. Click the red rope to dive sharply and then a normal rope and Relax three times. To finish the puzzle, click the log icon to climb up, the normal rope once to descend again and then Relax four times.

You will find yourself in Taverly to the right of the tree allotment. Speak to Auguste and he will congratulate you for a successful voyage. In return for your help, he will provide you with a flight helmet and jacket and the ability to use the balloon to travel to distant locations.


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