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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: House in Seers Village, south west of the bank. Search the bookcase, you will find a book entitled 'The elemental shield'. Read the battered book that appears in your inventory.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 5,000 exp to Crafting and Smithing, and the Elemental Shield that you made, it gives +6 to magic defence.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Skills: Level 20 Mining (30 if you want to mine your own coal), Level 20 Smithing and Level 20 Crafting.
Required Items: Knife, Pickaxe, Hammer, Needle, Thread, Soft Leather and 4 coal ores.

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Read the book that you found in the bookcase, and after you've read it, cut it open with a knife. You must have this book with you through the whole quest.
Go to the building north of the house you are standing in, use the Battered Key that came out of the book, on the odd looking wall. Once you are through the wall, go down the stairs.
Search around in the rooms until you find a stone bowl.
Go to the fire elemental room, which is the room south of the central, use your stone pot on the lava trough then use your lava-filled bowl on the nearby furnace.
Go to the air elemental room, which is the room east of the central room repair the bellows by right clicking on it and clicking 'fix bellows'. Pull the lever, and you'll use the bellows later to make the furnace hot enough to use. You can find the leather you need for this in the crates.
Go to the water elemental room, which is the room north of the central room, turn the left valve then turn the right valve, then pull the lever. Note that the combination on the valves can vary, so just keep working on it until the water starts flowing.
Go back to the air elemental room and pull the lever to operate the bellows to blow air into the furnace.
Go to the earth elemental room, which is the room west of the central room, attempt to mine a rock. Kill the earth elemental (level 35) that appears, take the elemental ore that the earth elemental drops.
Use the ore in the furnace (the one that was in the fire elemental room) with 4 coal. Use the refined ore on the workbench in the central room.

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