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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Exam Centre at the Dig Site.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 7500 Crafting, 7500 Smithing, ability to make and use Elemental Mind equipment.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Elemental Workshop.
Required Skills: Level 20 Magic, Level 30 Smithing.
Required Items: Hammer, pickaxe, coal.
Monsters: Earth Elemental (level 35).
NPC: None.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

To begin the quest go to the Exam Centre at the Dig Site (southeast of Varrock) and search the bookcases in the southeast corner of the examination room until you find a Beaten Book. Read the book and a scroll will fall out. Read this to get directions to the new workshop from the stairs down to the old one. Teleport to Camelot and enter the Elemental Workshop from the first Elemental Workshop quest. Follow the steps listed in the note. You will eventually find yourself in the water chamber and to the east of a pipe. Search it to recieve a key that unlocks a door near the entrance to the Workshop. The new workshop is square-shaped with a track running around the perimeter. There are four broken machines on each side of the square. There are also two staircases leading up to the catwalk area of the new Workshop. Your task in the quest is to repair the four machines in the workshop and then to "prime" an elemental bar.

Search the schematics crate for the plans on how to fix and make a claw. Now head back up to the first Workshop and mine an elemental ore. As with the first quest, you will need to kill an earth elemental to obtain the ore. To save returning here for another bar later on, get two ores and make two bars. When you've done this, go smelt it into a bar using the furnace, then smith the bar into a claw using the workbench and return to the second workshop. Click the lowering lever, making certain the crane is facing to the north, and use the elemental bar on the claw to repair it. To fix the pipes, you will need to pick up a spare pipe. This is in a random crate in the workshop. Use the pipe on the broken pipes at the far northern side of the catwalks. To fix the Wind Tube on the eastern side of the second Workshop, you need to find three different cogs: Large, Medium, and Small. These cogs can be found in crates throughout the new Workshop. Use the Small cog on the upper left pin, the Medium cog on the lower left pin and the Large cog on the right pin Operate the lever to make sure you did it right. If you did it correctly it should say the fan is now blowing. To repair the Steam Press on the western side of the new Workshop, climb up to the catwalks and find the Junction Box on the western side. Open the Junction box and arrange the pipes as follows to fix the Steam Press. Click the lower left and lower middle pipes to connect them to each other. Then connect the upper right and upper middle to each other. Click the upper left and lower right pipes to make the final connection. The display closes when it's finished. All the machines are now fixed.

Before priming an Elemental Bar, make sure the Wind Fan is NOT operating. Click the lever that operates the Cart Jig until the cart is positioned underneath the repaired crane. When the cart arrives at the claw use your Elemental Bar with the cart Lower the claw so it picks the bar up, then raise the claw with the same lever. Click the other lever to swivel the crane over the lava and click the lowering lever to lower it into the lava. Click the lowering lever again to raise the bar up, click the rotating lever to swivel it back to the cart and lower it. Raise it one last time so that the claw is no longer holding the bar and the heated bar is on the cart. Operate the Cart Jig again. The cart should position itself beneath the steam press. Operate the steam press lever which is in front of the pipes on the first floor. The elemental bar should now be flattened as long as the pipes in the Junction Box was positioned correctly. Operate the Cart Jig again so that it moves around to the Water Tank. Open the tank door and click the corkscrew level twice to expand and retract the Cart Rack. Once the cart is inside the Tank, close the door. Now operate the two valves so that the tank fills with water, cooling the bar down Now empty the tank by turning the valves again, open the door and release the Rack again. Once the cart is back on the track, retract the rack and close the door. Operate the Cart Jig once again so that it heads towards the Wind Tube. Operate the Fan lever so that the Bar is fully cooled down Turn the Fan off by operating the lever again and make your way over to the Cart Jig lever. Click this for the last time to move the cart back underneath the crane. Once it reaches here, retrieve the "Primed Bar" from the Cart.

Head down the stairs in the northwest corner of the new Workshop. From the stairs head south and then east through the "Mind Door" Once in the Mind Room, use your Primed Bar on the Extraction Gun and Operate the Extractor (you will lose 20 magic levels when using the extractor). You will now receive a golden Elemental Bar Return upstairs to the first workshop and use your new bar on the workbenches and create a Prime Elemental Helmet to complete the quest.


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