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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Taverly herblore shop, upstairs, speak to Sanfew.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 11,000 Herblore experience and Trollheim teleport (requires 2 fire runes and 2 law runes to cast, it's level 61 magic, will teleport you on top of Eadgars cave). 
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Skills: 31 Herblore.
Required Items: A Ranarr Weed, a Vial (able to mix these to make room), 5 pieces of Raw Chicken, 2 Normal Logs, a Tinderbox, 10 Grains of Wheat, a Pestle and Mortar, a Knife, a bottle of Vodka (buy from gnome stronghold) and a Pineapple. Helpful to have Ardougne and Camelot teleport.
Required Quests: You must have completed the following quests: Druids Ritual, Death Plateau and the Troll Stronghold.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Climbing boots:
After speaking to Sanfew, put on your climbing boots, you can buy them from Terzing for 12gp. Terzing is located on the southwest end of the Troll Mountains. Now go to the mountain within the Troll Stronghold. Easiest way is: Go up the path, through a house, up the path, jump over the rocks, and go right over more rocks. Run past Dad, and then follow the path on until on your map there is a big hill. Make sure your energy and protect from range are ready. Follow the path still until you hit some rocks to climb up, go up, stick your prayer on and run past the trolls which throw the rocks. 
Mad Eadgar: Now you are able to climb the mountain. Go up to the top, into the cave and here you will find the one and only Mad Eadger. If he is not in his cave, he might have been captured. If this is the case, you'll have to go to the jail and pickpocket the troll guard Twig (like in Death Plateau Quest) and free Eadger, then return to his cave and talk with him. He will tell you to go within the Troll Stronghold and speak to their chef: 'Burntmeat'. Go down the hill to the West, and there will be a small area with 5 or 6 trolls, run past them and there will be a path going upwards, go up this and into the Stronghold. 
The human stew: Go south and go down the stairs at the end of the corridor, speak to the chef there. He will say he wants a Human stew before telling you about the Goutweed herb. Follow the route you have just taken and go back to Eadger, he will say you need a parrot.
The parrot: This means you have to travel to Ardougne. Use your knife with the Pineapple, and dice the Pineapple. Speak to Parroty Pete and ask all 3 options. Now you will be able to mix the diced Pineapple with the Vodka. You will receive alcho-chunks, use this on the aviary hatch at the West end of the cage and you will receive a drunk parrot.
English parrot: Head back to Eadgar with the Parrot, and you will have to hide him within the Troll Stronghold. Go down to the lowest level using the stairs on the East this time, which will take you to the jail and hide the Parrot under the rack so he learns English.
Human clothes: Now you will need to get some Dirty clothes. Speak to Eadgar, then go back to Sanfew, he will tell you to speak to Tegid who is just outside the Herblore shop, next to the river doing his washing. Use the option 'Sanfew won't be very happy…' This time, take back this with you: 10 Grains, the Pestle and Mortar, the Ranarr Unfinished Potion, 5 raw pieces of Chicken, two Normal Logs and a Tinderbox. 
The Potion of Truth: Go back to Eadgar and he will ask you to get the Parrot back, so go back to the racks then go back to Eadgar again. He will take all the Items needed off you and tell you about a 'Potion of Truth'.
The fake man: Go outside the cave and there are 5 or so grassy areas around the cave, search for a 'Troll Thistle' (each time it's picked, it spawns in a different grass area, so make sure you check all of the areas). After picking, light a fire, and use the Thistle on the fire, as the one in Eadgars cave is occupied by his stew. Crush this and add it to the Ranarr Unfinished Potion. Now speak to Eadgar again and he will give you a 'fake man'.
Fooling Buntmeat: Go back to Burntmeat and give him the fake man, he will stupidly tell you where the storage room key is. Go to the back of that small area and search in the drawers until you find the key. Next look on the map to see stairs leading down (should be behind your character after receiving the key). Go down and there is a small maze type feature to get the Goutweed. 
Goutweed: Hide in a small area within the boxes, then when a troll goes past you run south and grab a Goutweed (there is a troll standing next to it but he doesn't seem too notice you steal one). You only need 1. After grabbing the Goutweed, go back to Sanfew and the quest is completed.

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