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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Talk to the Dwarf Commander, north past the fishing guild.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 750 Crafting exp, ability to buy and use the dwarf cannon.
Quest points gained: 1.

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Fixing railings:
The Commander will give you six bits of railings and tell you that you must fix the railings for him. Go around inspecting the railings and when you have found a broken part, fix it. Once you have no railing parts in your inventory go back to the Commander for a further task.
Finding Dwarf Commander: South from the Dwarf Commander you will come to a tower with a ladder, go up the ladders to the top floor. Once there, you will see some dwarf remains. Take them back to the Dwarf Commander; he will ask you to look for his son, go far south-east to the entrance of the fishing guild. You will see a cave with goblins around it, climb down it. Once in there, go north-west until you find a place full of crates and goblins. Search all the crates until you find a child. Once you have found him, head back to the Dwarf Commander.
Fixing the cannon: The Dwarf Commander will give you a tool kit which will help you to fix the cannon. Enter the hut next to the Commander and inspect the cannon, you will see several things you must try to fix. They are: pipe, barrel, axle, and shaft. Try to fix them, if you fail just keep trying. Once done, talk to the Commander again.
Dwarf cannon mould: The Dwarf Commander will tell you he doesn't know what the cannon shoots, go the top of the dwarf mine west of Edgeville (north of Falador) and talk to Nulodion. He gives you an 'Ammo Mould' and some instructions. Take them to the dwarf commander to collect your reward. This completes the quest.

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