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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Stone-circle north of Taverly, speak to Kaqemeex.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 250 herblore experience points (enough for level 3, where the first potion is).
Quest points gained: 4.
Required Items: Raw meats of chicken, rat, cow and bear.

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Ask him for a quest and he'll tell you about the stone circle south of Varrock. He will tell you that the dark wizards once, many years ago, cast a spell on the circle and took it from the druids. He will ask you for help getting it back. Go into Taverly and speak with Sanfew (upstairs in the herblore store).
Sanfew: Sanfew will tell you that he needs four different meats for the potion. If you have the four meats, go a little south of Taverly, down the ladder and in to the first room to the east. There will be the Cauldron of Thunder. Use the four meats on it. They will now all have a blue-ish color.
Sanfew: Go back to Sanfew and speak with him. Go back to Kaqemeex and he'll reward you. He will also tell you a lot about making potions and the skill herblore. This completes the quest.

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