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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Lunar Isle rune essence mine, talk to the fallen man in the small cave.
Quest difficulty level: Hard.
Reward: 15000 Hitpoints, 10000 Magic, a lamp granting 15000 experience in either Ranged, Magic, Hitpoints, Strength or Defence, and access to more Lunar spells.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: Lunar Diplomacy, Eadgar's Ruse.
Required Skills: Level 85 Combat.
Required Items: Seal of passage, At least 3 types of food, Astral rune, Pestle and mortar, Hammer, Goutweed, Tinderbox.
Monsters: The Inadequacy (level 343), The Untouchable (Level 274), The Everlasting (Level 223), The Illusive (Level 108), A Doubt (Level 78).
NPC: Lokar Searunner, Fallen man (Cyrisus), "Bird's-eye" Jack, Oneiromancer.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Go to Rellekka and talk to Lokar Searunner. He will take you to Pirates Cove. From there talk to Captain Bently who will take you to the Lunar Isle. Head to the North-east part of the island and enter the mines. Crawl through the cave entrance to the east and talk to the fallen man. You will learn that you will need to improve his health, spirit, and armament. Give him 4 different pieces of food to get him to 20% (About 3-4 pieces of food), if you try to give him two of the same he will reject it unless you've given him 2 different types of food before this.

Now to get his spirit up. Talk to him, and choose the positive options, keep doing so until he is at 100% spirit. Continue to raise his health and spirit. Once his health is high enough he will stand up (requires about 5 of 3 different foods). He then tells you to go to the bank and talk to his friend. This will gain you the armour you need to return to Cyrisus.

Go to the bank and talk to "Bird's-eye" Jack who is behind one of the bank booths. After a long conversation he will let you access his bank. The items Cyrisus wants varies from person to person so select a helmet, chest, legs, boots and a weapon. Go back to Cyrisus with the items. You may need to do this several times to get the items he wants.

When you have gotten all of Cyrisus' stats to 100%, he will tell you to meet him at the Oneiromancer. Head down to the Astral altar and do so. Once you've spoken to the Oneiromancer, Cyrisus will teleport in. After a little converation you will be told to make a new Dream Potion. To do so, you need to add water, goutweed, and a crushed astral rune to the Dream Vial. To get the water just use it with a water source. The crushed astral rune is recieved from using a hammer, and then a pestle and mortar on an Astral rune.

Once you make the potion go talk to Cyrisus in the brazier room. Light the logs with a tinderbox then talk to Cyrisus. You will be teleported to dream land. After a little talk you will turn around to see a level 343 called "The Inadequacy." This monster is the hardest, but Cyrisus helps you. The Inadequacy also spawns monsters called A Doubt which will disappear as soon as you kill the Inadequacy. After you defeat "The Inadequacy", another monster, this time level 223, will appear called "The Everlasting." As before, after killing "The Everlasting," the next boss will appear, this time a level 274, "The Untouchable." After killing "The Untouchable," you will be confronted by the final monster, "The Illusive," a level 108, this monster will dig into the ground and appear somewhere else a short time later, continue until you kill it. After killing the final monster, Cyrisus will finish it by squishing it, and tell you he is over his fear of combat. He will tell you to go and speak to the Oneiromancer once again. Talk to the Oneiromancer to claim your reward.


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