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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: This quest starts in the Champions Guild just to the south west of Varrock.
Quest difficulty level: Hard
Reward: Ability to wield rune plate/dragonhide body armour and exp to both strength and defence.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: 32 quest points and 34 smithing. Ability to beat a level 83 Dragon and a lesser demon(s) (defence/attack/strength of around 45+).
Required Items: 3 planks, 90 nails, hammer, 2000gp, unfired bowl, Wizard mind bomb (Falador pub for 2gp), Lobster pot, a piece of silk (Al-Kharid), Dragonfire Shield, a good high hitting weapon (not 2h) and some food.
Monsters: Worm brain (level 5), Giant Rat (level 6), Lesser Demons (level 82), Elvarg the Dragon (level 83).

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Speak to the Guild Master and ask him about obtaining a Rune Plate mail. He tells you that his friend, Oziach can help you out. He can be found in a small hut just left of the entrance to Edgeville north of Barbarian Village. He will send you off to kill the green dragon Elvarg on Crandor Isle. You will need to collect 3 map pieces in order to get to the island.
Map Piece One: There are two ways to get this, the first is the hardest, but by far the cheapest. If you have magic level above 31, get decent runes to kill a level 2 and a wizards' mind bomb from the pub in Falador to boost your magic up to 33. Go to the Port Sarim jail and kill Wormbrain and use telekinetic grab on the piece of map he drops. The second option is to go to Wormbrain and buy the map for 10,000gp.
Map Piece Two: Take the unfired bowl, Wizard mind bomb, Lobster pot, and the piece of silk and speak with the Oracle on the Ice Mountain. After speaking to him take the items down to the dwarven mine, entering through the northern ladder. Go through the door that is just south east of here. Search the chest and find the second map piece.
Map Piece Three: You will need to fight a level 45 and level 82 lesser demon to get this map piece. Go to Melzar's Maze which is south west of Falador near to Rimmington (making sure you have the key Oziach gave you). Enter the building and kill rats until you get a red key. Use this key to go through the north west door and go up the ladder. Kill the ghosts until you get the orange key. Use this key to go though the door second from the left and go up the ladder. Kill the skeletons until you get a yellow key. Use this key to go into the most south west door and follow the corridor round and down the ladders. Kill the zombies until you get the blue key and use this key to go through the most northern door leading to Melzar the mad. Kill him (ignoring all he says) and go through the door leading to the Lesser Demon. Kill the lesser and collect the green key. Use this key to go through the door and search the chest to get the third map piece. 
Obtaining the boat: Talk to the guy at the very end of Port Sarim harbour and offer to buy the boat for 2000gp. You will need three planks and 90 nails to repair the boat. (To get the planks you need to go to level 19 wilderness and search around by the graveyard, or if you're a member, you can go to the Barbarian Outpost where you'll find 4 respawns. For the nails you need to smith 6 steel bars into nails). 
Go back to the boat and fix the hole using the planks, nails and hammer. Use the three map pieces with each other to make the full map. Go to Draynor and find Ned the Fisherman, who is in a building there. Ask him if he will take you to Crandor, he will say yes and he will meet you at the boat. Equip your Dragonfire shield and a good weapon. Go back to the boat, go down the ladder and talk to Ned. When you get to the island make your way to the dungeon. Enter the gate into the green dragons lair and kill the dragon. (He will hit no more than 13 on people with 40-45 defence). This completes the quest and you receive your reward. Note: To get out go through the odd looking wall and climb the rope (which is on the floor).

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