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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: East of Varrock there will be a path heading south, follow it until you come along a gate. Go through the gate and into the building ahead. Talk to the Examiner to start the quest.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 2,000 Herblore exp, 15,300 Mining exp and 2 gold bars. You will also get either a chocolate cake or something to drink.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: Level 25 thieving, 10 agility and 10 herblore.
Required Items: A cup of tea (which can be bought near east Varrock bank for 10gp or you can steal it from the stall), a pair of boots & gloves, pestle and mortar, empty vial and a tinderbox.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

The Start: After talking with the examiner, you will need to go and get a signed recommendation from the curator in the Varrock Museum. Now go to the Varrock Museum and talk to the curator and ask him to sign your recommendation. Return to the digsite and give the recommendation to the Examiner.
Rock Samples: If you take the exam now, no matter what answer you pick you will always be wrong. To learn the correct answers you must go to the digsite, which is north of the building you are in. Once in the digsite, talk to all three of the students and ask them to help you with your test. Each will ask you to return their lost rock sample. 
The first rock sample: This can be found by pick pocketing a workman in the digsite until you find a rock sample. While you're pick pocketing, get a specimen brush as well, you will need this later on.
The second rock sample: This can be found in a bush south, outside the digsite by the large Urn. Search all the bushes until you find it (there should only be two bushes there).
The last rock sample: This is in the river. Go back to the digsite, pickup a panning tray in the large tent and go talk to the Panning Guide. If you ask him if you can pan in the river he tells you he is thirsty, give him the tea and he will let you pan in the river. Continue to pan all of the spots you can reach from that side of the river until you find the last rock sample. Hand over the rocks to the students and they will tell you the correct answers, remember them, or write them down which is easier.
Exams: Using the answers the students told you complete the exam and receive your level 1 certificate. For the second and third level exam simply go ask each of the student's the questions again and they will tell you the answers you need, when you have all the answers for the level 2 exam, go back and take it, then go back to get the answers for the level three exam. For the third exam, the female student will ask you for an Opal. Pan in the river in different locations until you find the Opal, and then return to her for the answer. After getting all of your exam certificates, take them to the curator. You now have access to dig in any level digging areas.
Talisman of Zaros: Now go into the middle of the site and look for some sacks, search the sacks to find a specimen jar, next you'll have to pickpocket a workman until you get a specimen brush, it can take some time, but you'll get it. After this go to any level 3 digsite and dig until you find a "Talisman of Zaros" bring this item to the archaeological expert and use it on him. He will now allow you to go down into the northern winch by giving you a letter, give it to any of the workmen.
Explosive compound: Pickpocket a workman until you have 2 ropes, and go down the northern winch into the mine shaft. In the back of the mineshaft will be a workman, constantly beg him for the key until he finally gives in. Search the specimen tray near the tent, you will find charcoal. Use the charcoal with your pestle and mortar to grind it into ground  charcoal. Now open the chest in the tent with the key and take the undefined powder. Use some of your tools on one of the barrels with the red X on it until it opens.
Liquid: Get the liquid from the barrel by using your empty vial on it. Go back down the southern winch and grab an Arcenia Root. Take all of this to the archaeological expert back at the building to the south. Use the undefined powder and liquid with him to discover that the powder is Ammonium Nitrate and the liquid is Nitroglycerin. Put the Ammonium Nitrate into the vial with the Nitroglycerin, and then add the Arcenia Root and ground charcoal to produce the Explosive Compound. 
Underground altar: Go back to the digsite and enter the western winch again. You will notice the bricks are still blocking the way, but this time use your Explosive Compound on the bricks. Now use the tinderbox with the bricks to light it. This will clear the bricks out of the way. There will be some skeletons inside that are level 25. Go past the skeletons and in the middle of the room pick up the stone tablet. 
Zamorak the impostor: Take the tablet back to the expert and he will tell you a story and reward you. This completes the quest.

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