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Starting location: Go to the Bedabin Camp and speak to the Archaeologist, south-west of the Shantay Pass near Al-Kharid.
Quest difficulty level: Hard.
Reward: 20,000 magic xp and Ancient magiks.
Once you have completed the quest you will be able to buy an ancient staff for 80,000gp.
Quest points gained: 3.
Required skills: Lvl 10 Slayer, Lvl 50 Firemaking, Lvl 50 Magic, Lvl 53 Thieving. 
Required items: Several Shantay passes, waterskins, knives, 12 magic logs, 6 steel bars, 6 molten glass, 1 charcoal, 1 ashes, 1 blood rune, 1 lot of bones, 1 cake, 1 silver bar, 1 garlic, 1 pestle and mortar, 1 spiked boots, 650gp, 1 lot of spices, lockpicks, anti poison potions, 1 pair of ice gloves, 1 fire staff, 1 tinderbox, 1 face mask, weapon, armour, prayer potions, super potions, stat restore potions, and plenty of good food. 
Required quests: Digsite Quest, Priest in Peril Quest, Temple of Ikov Quest, Tourist Trap Quest, Troll Stronghold Quest, Waterfall Quest.
Monsters: Ice Trolls (Lvl 120-124), Kamil (Lvl 154), Dessous (Lvl 139), Damis (Lvl 103 and 174). 
NPC: Archaeologist, Archaeologist Expert (Terry Balando), Bartender, Eblis, Troll child, Ice Troll, Troll mother, Troll father, Malak in Canafis bar, Ruantan, High Priest on Entrana, Rasool.

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The Beginning section:
Go to the quest start point in Bedabin camp, west part of the desert and speak to the Archaeologist. You'll learn that he thinks there’s great treasure in the desert. He will ask you to deliver an etched note to a colleague of his. You can find the colleague in the examining hall in the south part of the digsite area. Speak to the archaeology expert and he will translate it for you. Go back to the Bedabin camp. Speak to the archaeologist again and agree to split the treasure equally (50/50).
Head south to the bandit camp and talk to the bartender. Buy a beer for 650gp, then talk to him again. Talk to him about diamonds, then talk to Elbis in the east part of the camp. Elbis tells you that he can craft some scrying glasses to help you find the diamonds. He needs 12 magic logs, 6 steel bars, 6 molten glass, 1 heap of ashes, 1 bones, 1 piece of charcoal and 1 blood rune. Give the items to him. 
South and east of the camp on a small hill is Elbis, surrounded by six mirrors. Look into each of them to find the locations related to the diamonds. Four of them are true and two are false.
Diamond of Shadow section: North of Ardougne you find a man named Rasool. Speak to him and he tells you that someone has stolen a gilded cross from him and that you have to get it back. Go to the bandit camp south of where you started quest. Find a tent with a locked chest in it in the southern part of the camp. Open the chest using a lockpick and take out the gilded cross. Go back to Rasool and give him the gilded cross. He gives you the ring of visibility. Equip the ring of visibility and a trap door will appear in the fenced off area. Open the trap door and go down the ladder into Damis' Lair. Go though the long tunnels as far to the east as you can. You will encounter level 63 shadow hounds and level 80 giant skeletons. Kill Damis (level 107) using protection prayers. Kill Damis again as he respawns in a stronger form (level 174). Pick up the Diamond of Shadow and run back out again. 
Diamond of Blood section: Go to the Canifis bar, as you approach you should see a sequence where a Vampire called Malak collects blood from the bartender Rovar. He then calls you over. Tell him you are looking for the diamond and he will tell you Dessus has it. Malak tells you where he is and how to kill him. He wants you to kill Dessous so that he can own more land. Go to Draynor (glory amulet teleport is best) and go down the trap door near the jail and find the man called Ruantan living in the sewers. Give him your Silver bar and he will make it into a Silver pot. Go to Entrana with your pot and get it blessed by the high priest in the chapel. Go back to Malak, tell him you have the items and he will drain some blood for you. Crush the garlic with a pestle and mortar and add it to the blood. Also add the spice. Get weapons, armour and food and prepare for battle. Walk south from the Canifis Slayer master until you hit the swamp (just west of werewolf agility course). Walk as far south and east as possible in the myreque area. You will have to cross a bridge and will eventually come to a graveyard. Use the pot on the vampire's grave and he attacks you. Kill him. You can attack him with ranged or a halberd from behind the fence. When he dies go back to Malak in the Canafis bar and he will give the Diamond of Blood to you. 
Diamond of Ice section: Teleport to Trollheim and go north to the ice gate. Give the troll child your cake and he will tell you that his mum and dad have been frozen solid by a nasty man who claimed they stole a diamond from him. Squeeze through to the next area. You will get hit occasionally and your stats slowly drain because of the effect of the cold weather. Run until you see the frosty cave. Kill the trolls until all the icicles covering the entrance have fallen off. If using magic cast fire offensive spells to kill the trolls. Squeeze through the cave. Put prayer on and get past the big scary wolves. You feel an evil presence near and you find the 'bad man' called Kamil (level 154). Battle him using protection prayers while drinking restore potions and prayer potions. He drops a super restore potion and two chocolate cakes when he dies. Keep walking, forward and spiral around the mountain. Walk until you see an icy trail. Put on the spiked boots. Start up the slippery path. After you have crossed the bridge you will find two frozen trolls, these are the parents of the troll child. Smash the ice to set them free.  Teleport back to Trollheim and go to the child again. He gives you the Diamond of Ice.
Diamond of Smoke section: Go south and east of the Bandit camp until you reach the smoking well located south east of the desert mining camp. Make sure you are wearing your face mask. Climb down the well. Walk to the far north east of the cave. Light the north east torch with your tinderbox. Then light the south east one. Then the north west torch, and finally the south west torch. When all four torches are lit you get a message saying you should claim your key. Run to the middle of the west section in a large square room with fire giants. Open the chest in the middle of the room before any of the torches go out to find a key. Run back to the east part of the cave, you will see a gate. Open it with your new key. A fire demon named Fareed (level 167) will appear. He will make you drop your weapon if you are not wearing your ice gloves during battle. He attacks with Melee and Magic. Turn on your prayer and start fighting. When the demon dies teleport or run back out.
Pyramid section: Go back to Elbis and talk to him. Go to the Pyramid south east of Elbis. Use the four Diamonds on the four Obelisks surrounding it. The colour of each obelisk will show which diamond to use with it. The pyramid is now open. Run through the pyramid and you will encounter scarabs (level 92) and mummies (level 103). There are also random pits that can appear and you will fall through and end up outside again. When you reach the bottom level chamber, the spirit of Azzanadra will appear. Speak to it. This completes the quest.

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