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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Starts in the centre of Varrock market. Go over to the red and white striped tent and talk to the gypsy inside it. She will ask you for some money, only 1 gold, to get your palm read. She will then tell you that you are the chosen one, the one who will save the whole of Varrock from a mega demon called Delrith who, whilst alive, destroyed Varrock 150 years ago. She tells you of a special sword named Silverlight, the only sword powerful enough to defeat Delrith.
Quest difficulty level:
Silverlight Sword.
Quest points gained: 3.
Required Items: 1gp, bucket/jug of water and 25 normal bones.
Monsters: Delrith.
NPC: Gipsy (Varrock), Sir Prysin (Varrock Palace), Captain Rovin (Varrock Palace), Wizard Traiborn (Wizards Tower).

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Getting the sword: Go north from the tent into the castle, if you go a little North-west you will see a man named Sir Prysin, the person who is supposed to have Silverlight. He tells you how to find the 3 keys that you need to get Silverlight. 
Key One: The easiest of all, go to the NW corner of the castle and go up the staircase twice, talk to Captain Rovin and he will eventually give you the key. 
Key Two: Go back to the castle, go to the kitchen and through the door to the courtyard, and just to left of the exit you will see a drain. Use the bucket/jug (with water in it) on the drain and the key will fall into Varrock sewers. To get the key you have to go straight away to the sewers. To get into the sewers go out of the front of the palace and go east along a path and look out for a manhole on the right. Enter the sewers through the manhole and take the path to the north and west. Follow it to the end and find the key near a pile of bones. If you get there and the key is not there, repeat the bucket of water down the drain as above.
Note: there is a bucket respawn just above the kitchen in the palace.
Key Three: Make your way to The Wizards Tower, which is south of Draynor bank, taking 25 bones as these are needed to get the third key. Once there, go up the ladder and talk to wizard Traiborn. You can fight the wizards in the area for bones. 
The Fight: After you have got all three keys make your way back to Varrock castle and talk to Sir Prysin and he will give you the Silverlight Sword. Now make your way to south of Varrock (you should see a stone circle) and fight Delrith, the correct incantation is: 
Carlem Aber Camerinthum Purchai Gabindo

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