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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: The Dorgeshuun Mine that starts from Lumbridge kitchen cellar.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 2000 Ranging, 2000 Thieving, ability to use the special attacks of the Dorgeshuun crossbow and dagger, access to the HAM storerooms.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: The Lost Tribe.
Required Skills: Level 23 Agility, Level 23 Thieving.
Monsters: Guard (level 22) & Sigmund (level 50).
NPC: Kazgar, Mistag, Zanik, Duke Horacio, Man, Father Aereck, Jimmy The Chisel, Juna and Sigmund.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

To begin go to the Lumbridge kitchen cellar, then through the hole in the eastern wall with a lit closed lantern and talk to Kazgar. Ask him to show you a way to the mine. You will appear in front of the Dorgeshuun mine. Talk to Mistag. He will ask you for a favour. Ask him what it is and agree to be a guide. He will ask you for two sets of HAM Robes. Go to the HAM dungeon and pickpocket the NPCs there for clothing sets. You will need two sets, each containing a shirt, robe, hood, cloak, gloves, boots and a logo. After you've gotten two complete sets, go back to Lumbridge kitchen cellar and talk to the goblin Zanik.

Zanik will now follow you. Walk outside the castle so that Zanik sees the sunlight. Then go back to the castle, climb upstairs and talk to Duke Horacio. After talking to the Duke, walk outside and talk to any man or woman walking around the city park. Then go to Lumridge church and talk to Father Aereck. After that, Zanik wants to talk to some normal goblins. Cross the bridge over Lumbridge river and Zanik will notice the goblins. Zanik tries to connect with the other goblins' race, but it's useless. After talking to the goblins, take Zanik to the Lumbridge general store. Talk to the general store salesman, and let Zanik buy some “exotic” stuff.

Zanik will tell you about the mark on her head if you want to know about it. Next, Zanik wants to see the HAM headquarters. Go there and wear your own set of HAM clothing. Talk to one HAM Member, then go talk to Johanhus Ulsbrecht, who is right past the southeast door. Ask him what they are going to do with the goblins, then walk outside the room. Zanik will spot a secret entrance at the southern part of the main room. Picklock the trapdoor.

Enter the dungeon, and walk one space west of the Guard. Zanik will 1-hit him with her crossbow. Go through the crack on the wall, picklock the door, and go talk to the western guard one space north of her. Zanik will shoot him in the back too. Talk to Zanik. She will ask you to tell her when the guard between the rooms has his back turned. Say "“Now"!” to her when the guard starts walking away from you, and he will get shot. Now comes the tricky part. Make Zanik follow you to the eastern part of the path between the houses. Zanik will wait at the eastern end of the path. Now walk around the southeast house counter-clockwise and let the guard see you. He will start walking towards you, but Zanik will shoot him in the back. Talk to Zanik again, and do the same to the guard at the northern door. After she tells you, talk to her again and tell her to "wait here" and she will stay in that corner. Walk back between the houses to get to the other side, then walk north past the corner so that Zanik can shoot the guard in the back from her opposite corner. Listen at the big door. A cutscene will follow, and you get jailed. Note: If you ever get caught by a guard you will be jailed. Pick the door's lock to get out, then go back down into the HAM secret area. Any guards that you have killed so far will have to be killed again.

After you wake up in the cell, talk to Jimmy The Chisel. Ask him what happened to Zanik. Picklock the cell door and exit HAM Headquarters via the ladder to the northwest. You will see Zanik on the floor of the shack where the trapdoor entrance to the HAM hideout is. Inspect her, and you will pick her up. You then need to go into the Lumbridge Caves (bring the closed light source, and it's also suggested that you bring a spiny helmet for the Wall Beasts) to see Juna. Juna will tell you that you must collect 20 tears of Guthix from the cave. You can collect these tears even if you have collected the tears in the last seven days, and they won't give you any experience or delay your next trip to personally gather tears for experience. Free your hands, talk to Juna and go pick up 20 tears from the blue streams. Remember to avoid the green ones.

After getting the tears, walk out of the Lumbridge castle (or teleport out and fetch Zanik from the Lumbridge kitchen cellar) and cross the river to the east. Walk north until you see the farmhouse. Walk into the gated area sout of it to see a watermill. Make sure you are wearing all your HAM clothing and talk to the dwarf there, then talk to Zanik and search the crates. First search on the north side and then on the south side to get Zanik to hide in one. With Zanik in a crate, go down the ladder.

Go west -- kill the guards first, then attack Sigmund. He will use and switch protection prayers, but you should be fine using melee with Zanik helping you with ranged. After Sigmund is killed, click on the machine to destroy it and head east. Then go south down the hall to find a tunnel that will allow Zanik to lead you back to the Dorgeshuun mine. View the next cutscene to finish the quest.

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