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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Speak with Denulth located in southern Burthorp (north of the Heros' Guild).
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 3k Attack Exp, Steel Claws and ability to make them. You can also buy climbing boots from the Sherper for 12gp each, allowing you to cross the secret path for some troll killing. They do not need to be spiked. 
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Items: 10 cooked trouts, 10 pieces of bread (either cook it, steal from the Yanille Watchman or buy from players/jungle store/baker in Ardougne), 1 asgarnian ale (bar in the quest area or in Falador), 1 iron bar, might need a Blurberry Special (You can get this from the bar in the Grand Tree (Gnome Stronghold))
NPC: Dunstan (behind the castle to the east).

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Denulth tells you trolls have taken over the Death Plateau and are using it to launch nightly raids, however they can’t get to invade the camp because the main path is heavily guarded. It has now become your job to find a different path to the death plateau. You also have to open the equipment storage and that requires a certain combination that a guard has.
Section one of the quest: Obtaining the combination from the Guard:
Go to the top floor of the castle, and talk to Eohric about where the guards are. He will tell you that there is only 1 guard on duty (Harold), and that he is at the Toad and Chicken Pub. Go to the pub to find him. You try and talk to him, but he doesn’t want to talk about the combination so go back and talk to Eohric. He will tell you if you buy Harold a beer he might talk to you.
Buy Harold an asgarnian ale and try talking to him again, this time he will tell you he lost the combination, and that he’s searched everywhere. Now ask him if he wants to gamble. Keep trying to bet him until you get an Iou you will only get an Iou betting in amounts between 300-1000gp, it will be on the back of the combination. 
Note: If you are not winning he probably isn't drunk enough best chances if you give him a blurberry special
Head back to the castle and you'll see some stones on the ground, pick up the 5 stones and place them in this order:
Blue is far south-west, Yellow is far south-east, Red is mid-west, Purple is mid-east, Green is far north-east.
Go upstairs and talk with the archer there, he will thank you for getting the combination right.
Section two of the quest:
Walk north-west towards the Death Plateau you will find a cave. Go in and talk to Saba. Ask if he knows another path to the Death Plateau. This guy is a mean old grump, but would love to get rid of the goblins he tells you. He also tells you about a sherpas. 
Sherpas’ house: Go south-west and talk to Tenzing, ask for his help. He wants 10 loaves of bread, 10 cooked trout and some spiked boots in return to help you. He will hand you some climbing boots, take those to Dunstan to get them changed into spike boots. He tells you that he will make you the boots under one condition, that his son is made into an imperial guard. 
Talk to Denulth (where you started the quest) and now you get to tell Denulth that you have found a new path however it will only be shown under the condition that Sherpas has spiked boots and the whole story. Denulth makes an exception and gives you a certificate to accept Dunstan’s son into the imperial troops. Now simply go back to Dunstan with an iron bar and the certificate.
Now you should have your spiked boots, go back to Tenzing and give him his supplies. Tenzing gives you a map of the secret area. You need to check the path before telling Denulth about it. Go out his door and climb over the stile and walk up the path and as soon as you see the message saying its safe, go and talk to Denulth.

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