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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak with the High Priest at the Temple of Icthlarin in Sophanem.
Quest difficulty level: Hard.
Reward: 7000 Agility, 7000 Prayer, 7000 Strength, 7000 Thieving, ability to make an enchanted water tiara, access to optional task that rewards you with: Ability to sell noted ivory, pottery and stone items from Pyramid Plunder to Simon Templeton.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: The Feud, Zogre Flesh Eaters, Contact!.
Required Skills: Level 21 Firemaking, Level 50 Agility, Level 60 Thieving, Level 60 Strength.
Required Items: 18 Bronze Bars, 10 Gold Artefacts from Pyramid Plunder, the Artefact from the top of the Agility Pyramid, Bucket of camel dung.
Monsters: Giant Scarab (Level 206), High Priest of Scabaras (Level 179), possibly a Scarab Swarm (Level 98), and must kill four monsters (choice of levels 89 to 140).
NPC: High Priest, Maisa, Lead archaeologist Abigail, Assistant archaeologist Kerner, Simon Templeton, Clay Golem, High Priest of Scabaras.

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To begin the quest, speak to the High Priest in the temple in Sophanem, to the south-west of the Pyramid Plunder mini game. He will tell you of a corpse you are needed to identify, and says he will meet you upstairs.

When you go upstairs, you will find out that the corpse is a women named Maisa, who turns out to be alive but sick. When you speak to her, you will be given the task to go east and find some archaeologists who will help you get revenge for the death of Maisa's partner. Speak again to the High Priest, head out of the gate, and go east.

Go south-east until you reach water, and then go east. You'll come to a swampy area. Push through two sets of reeds, then go down the patch of land you're currently on to reach another set of reeds. Climb the pillar and go up the stairs. Talk to the lead archaeologist, who will ask you a series of simple math questions.

Talk to the lead archaeologist again and she will tell you about Simon Templeton, and ask you to get a few random bronze items (varies from person to person), ten golden objects from the Pyramid Plunder mini game, and a golden artefact from the top of the Agility Pyramid. You will be told to make the bronze objects look ancient by rubbing camel dung on them while in the desert (60 crafting required). If you do not have 60 crafting, you will have to put all the bronze items into the crate given to you, and bring them to the archaeologists along with a bucket of dung, to make the items ancient. To get the camel dung, you have to use kebab hot sauce (from the kebab seller in Pollnivneach), on the camel's trough in Pollnivneach and wait (you need a bucket and gloves to pick it up). Alternatively, you can equip your Camulet and ask one of the various camels in Al Kharid for its dung.

When you have the items required, go to the Agility Pyramid and speak with Simon Templeton. You'll give him the objects in return for a receipt to give to the lead archaeologist. Head back to the archaeologists and give them the receipt. In return, you'll receive a diary which you must fill with four notes.

To obtain these notes, you must kill either Scabarites, Zombies, Skeletons or Mummies. Scabarites can be found to the east of the cliff, by going back down the stairs beside the archaeologists. Zombies and Skeletons can be found just north of the Archaeologists and Mummies are east from there. Once you have the four pages, head back to the archaeologists and speak with them to receive a key.

Head north until you find a set of stairs. Go down these. You'll come into a storeroom, with 4 closed doors, and a locked door to the west, at the end of the 4 closed doors. Your goal is to pull all the levers before the power runs out. To start the power, you'll see a golem in the south side of the room, talk to him. Take a log from the storage box and put it into the furnace. Speak to the golem again, and he'll ask you which room you want to have the most power diverted to, choose the room with the mysterious box. Next choose the Scarab room, and then the narrow pipe room, and finally the least power will be put into the empty room.

Quickly run to the empty room, run in and pull the lever. Next, run to the room with the narrow pipe. Cross the pipe. Pull the lever and head back. Go into the Scarab room, and you'll be attacked by a Giant Scarab (Level 206). He attacks with mage and melee, and can poison you, so wear melee gear, and pray mage, remember your anti-poison potions. Once you kill it, pull the lever in the room, and head to the final room, the one with the mysterious box.

The mysterious box is actually a rune puzzle. The number in the bottom corner is the number of tries you get. There are 3 machines on the right side of the puzzle that can be adjusted to gain 5 more tries each, for a total of 15 extra tries. Each spot is taken by a rune, and your job is to match all of the runes. There are 3 runes for each type. (The easiest way to do this is to take out a pencil and paper, and make a 6x6 grid. Tap each rune and record what it is onto its corresponding spot on your grid. Then match them up in sets of three). Once you have pulled all 4 levers without failing any, you will be able to enter the final room.

After you have pulled all 4 levers, the final room will open. Continue through it after getting more supplies, and watch for traps on the floor. Head straight down the passage, and stay going west until you find a room with the High Priest of Scabaras in it. Enter this room and speak to him. You now have to convince the High Priest that killing all non-Scabarites is wrong. You must do this diplomatically and cannot just kill him. When you have convinced him, he will talk to you about any questions you have concerning the Scabarites, which you write down in your diary, given to you previously by the archaeologists.

Head back to the High Priest in Sophanem for your reward.


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