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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to Larry at the Ardougne Zoo.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward:5000 Agility, 2000 Crafting, 1500 Construction, ability to make clockwork penguins, access to Agility course.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: None.
Required Skills: Level 10 Hunter, Level 30 Agility, Level 30 Crafting, Level 34 Construction.
Required Items: 10 oak planks, 10 steel nails, hammer, spade, clockwork (made from a steel bar), normal plank, silk, raw cod, swamp tar, 5 feathers, mahogany plank, soft leather.
Monsters: Icelord (Level 51).
NPC: Larry, Penguin, Farmer Fred.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Speak to Larry who is near the penguin cage in the Ardougne Zoo. He will ask if you want to observe penguins with him because he is suspicious of them. After you agree, he will tell you to get materials to construct a shelter out of 10 steel nails and 10 oak planks. Bring these to the entrance to Keldagrim, near Rellekka, where he will be waiting, or simply tell him you have the materials and he will take you to the iceberg.

Slightly northeast of where you arrive will be a firm snow patch. Use the planks on this patch to construct a Bird Hide. Cover it in snow by digging near it with the spade. Tell Larry that you've finished building it and he will invite you in to observe. A short cutscene will show two penguins meeting and communicating with emotes. Pay attention to the three emotes they use and try to remember this series for later (random for each player). If you miss it the first time, you can use the hide again in order to see the same cutscene. Talk to Larry again. He wants to infiltrate the penguins, but won't tell you how until you leave the iceberg by using the boat.

Talk to Larry once you get off the iceberg to discover he has developed a clockwork penguin. Rather than letting it just walk around randomly, he will use a spell to shrink you so that you can control it! You'll have to be the one to construct the penguin. The design is very similar to that of any clockwork toy. You simply need to add a piece of silk. Go to your house and make the clockwork penguin on your crafting table. Return to Larry in either location and ask to return to the Iceberg. You will see the Bird Hide has been completely destroyed. Speak to Larry to find that, while it may be safe to put on the penguin suit, there are no penguins around to infiltrate. You will suggest that you try to infiltrate the penguins at the Zoo, which Larry agrees to. When back at the zoo, speak to him again to be shrunk into the penguin suit.

Enter the Penguin Cage and find the one penguin you can speak with. He will refuse to carry on a conversation until you give the appropriate greeting. The greeting is a series of three penguin emotes that was in the earlier cutscene. Every time you get one wrong, the penguin will tell you that you have not greeted him correctly and you will have to start over. You will speak to him about learning how to fly. The penguin will wish to send you to the 'outpost' with a mission report. At this point, another penguin will suggest you speak to the operatives in Lumbridge before heading to the outpost.

Head to Lumbridge to speak to the operatives. Larry will be waiting near the sheep pen gate to shrink you. The penguins are wandering around under a sheep costume. In order to speak to them, you will have to perform the emote sequence again. However, even after doing this, they will not speak unless you say a secret phrase, which you need to get from the Zoo penguins. Speak to Larry again, and he will offer to teleport you back to the Zoo. Dawn the costume again and speak to the penguin. After talking about Palingrad, the penguin city, you will bring up the fact that you don't know the phrase. If you are wielding a Ring of Charos, the penguin will immediately reveal the phrase to you. Unfortunately, if you are not, the penguin will not break protocol and tell you without a good reason. Speak to Larry again and he will suggest either cod or an object of magical power. Return to the cage with a raw cod and use it on the penguin. Speak to him again and he will tell you the phrase is "Do not trust the walrus."

Head to Lumbridge and speak to the penguins under the sheep again. Now that you have told them the secret phrase, they will tell you that they cannot do much because people are always trying to shear them. They will send you to investigate the farmer, as they believe he is trying to have them assassinated. In return for this investigation, they will tell you how to get to the outpost. Turn back into a human and speak to Fred in his house just outside the sheep enclosure. He will appear to know absolutely nothing about the penguins (no matter which option you choose), so go back into the penguin suit and talk to the penguin operatives again. After telling them about Fred - either option works - they will tell you to go to the outpost. They will tell you it is on the iceberg you were originally on, simply hidden behind what appears to be an avalanche. The operatives give you the password "cabbage".

Get out of the penguin suit and speak to Larry again. After telling him what happened, he will offer to teleport you to the iceberg again. Accept the offer. Speak to Larry to be sent, finally, to infiltrate the penguins. Head north and speak to the KGP Agent south of the Avalanche. After you use the secret handshake and give the password, he will ask for your ID. Since you don't have one, you'll need to get one. Speak to the only penguin nearby, Noodle (a member of the Fettuccine Mafia), who will offer you his wares, a new ID card and a report you appear to be missing. He will provide these in exchange for five feathers and a swamp tar. Give these to him and he will present you with a KGP ID Card and a rather poorly written Mission Report.

Now that you're completely ready to get inside the outpost, speak to the KGP Agent. Happy to see you have an ID, he will tell you to enter the avalanche and go into the room on the left for debriefing. Enter the first western room and speak to the KGP Agent, who will relieve you of your mission reports. Having served well, you will need to complete a physical to prove you are still fit enough to continue working for the KGP. Head through the door at the west end of the room and go north to the other door to enter the agility course you must go through. Pass the penguins training for their invasion - some will even be testing your supposed methods of flight - and head to the agility course. Failing any obstacles in this course will cause you to take damage. Go into the water and avoid the moving boulders, then climb onto the stepping stones and jump to shore. Tread softly under all of the icicle obstacles and cross the ice - every failure will drive you back a step. Finally, you will reach the end, where you must speak to the Agility Instructor. He will tell you that you are done, simply exit through the gate.

Return to Larry and tell him about the army you saw. He will send you back to gather the war plans the penguins are making. He believes they will be in the best guarded room in the entire outpost - and you get to go there! Head back into the outpost and attempt to go past the large doors. Sadly, you are not permitted to pass. Head back to the room on the east where Ping and Pong are surrounded by musical instruments. Speak to them to find that they need instruments they can play without thumbs - bongos and a cowbell. Leave and speak to Larry again to find out where to get these instruments. He will suggest you steal a cowbell from a dairy cow, then make bongos from soft leather and mahogany. Head to any dairy cow (there's one in Lumbridge) and steal its cowbell. Use your soft leather on your mahogany plank to make Penguin Bongos.

Return to the outpost with the instruments. A cutscene will show the two bards singing their song. Upon finishing it, a KGP Guard will enter to shut them up. This is the Guard who stopped you from opening the doors earlier, so take advantage of his absence to go in. Head into the room on the east to check out the plot, but you'll be caught. A cutscene will show you, caught as a human by the anti-magic defences. Pascaling Pax will have the scientists take your disguise and order the guards to take you to the Ice Lords. You will be put in a cage with the Ice Lords. You must kill an Ice Lord before you are able to escape. Once you have, open the door at the west end of the cage to escape. Head to the east end of the room and go into the chasm to appear back out on the iceberg. Go to Larry and tell him about what you saw in the War Room. He will tell you that there is no reason to panic just yet, but that we need to prepare. The quest ends with an ominous cutscene showing a gigantic penguin, similar to your clockwork penguin.


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