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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to the Catapult Guard north of the Tyras Camp.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Quest Length: Short.
Reward: 15000 Construction, 5000 Fletching, 30 noted teak planks, Adamant halberd, 2000 coins, no friendly fire when using Castle Wars catapults.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: Regicide.
Required Skills: Level 42 Fletching, Level 44 Construction.
Required Items: 10 mahogany planks, 90 mithril nails, knife, hammer, saw.
NPC: Tyras Guard, General Hining, Catapult Engineer, Rolad the Dwarf, Thaki the Delivery Dwarf, Drunken Sailor.

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Speak with the Tyras guard standing next to the catapult north of the Tyras Camp. The Guard fears General Hining will fire him because he has failed to keep the catapult in good shape. Tell him he'll most likely be fired and he'll ask you for help. Afterwards go speak with General Hining near the center of the camp and bring up the broken state of the catapult. When he lets you help with the catapult, he tells you to find the Engineer and deliver a letter from his superior.

Leave the Tyras Camp and head towards the Hunting spot through the following path: 1) East as far as possible, 2) South through the dense forest, 3) South through the trip wire, 4) East through the dense forest, 5) North through the leaf jump, 6) West through the pass sticks.

Speak to the Catapult Engineer and deliver the letter. Tell him General Hining has sent you. When he worries that the job is difficult, tell him you are an experienced carpenter. Being convinced, he'll hand over a copy of the schematics for the catapult. If you attempt to read the schematics, you will find they do not include what type of items you are supposed to use. To solve this problem, speak to the Catapult Engineer again and ask to read the letter, which states in capital letters exactly what material is needed.

Head to the Dwarven Mines and speak to Rolad the dwarf in the eastern house. It turns out the metal parts have already been sent, but Thaki the delivery dwarf has gone missing on his way to Port Sarim. Go to the bar in Port Sarim to find Thaki. Speak to Thaki to try to claim the parts, but the very drunk dwarf won't give them to you because you are not a sailor.Search the drunken sailor sitting just outside the south exit to find a sailor's hat. Put it on and speak to Thaki again. He will now provide the parts.

With a hammer, a saw, a knife, the 10 mahogany planks, 90 mithril nails, and the metal parts from Thaki in your inventory, read the schematics and make the parts. Return to the catapult and speak to the Tyras guard. You will have to fix both sides of the catapult, piecing together the parts you made. This will be a simple block puzzle where you match the pieces to the correctly shaped slot.

Speak to the Tyras guard again. He is pleased you were able to fix it, but finds it rather useless. You must test the catapult's aim to make sure it's in proper order:

  • 1) Aim the arrow below the central boulder and apply the minimum amount of counterweight. Fire to hit the boulder.
  • 2) Aim the arrow below the rightmost boulder and fill the counterweight completely. Fire to hit the boulder.
  • 3) Aim the arrow at the leftmost boulder and fill to one notch less than the maximum counterweight. Fire to hit the boulder.

Speak to the Tyras guard once more to claim your reward.


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