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Starting location: South-east from the Ogre city (Gu'Tanoth) from the watchtower quest. Speak to an ogre named Rantz. He is hungry and wants you to help him make arrows for his unusually large bow, so he can hunt the Chompy Bird.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Few exp in ranged (around 700), cooking (around 1500) and fletching (300), Ogre bow, ability to fletch ogre arrows and ability to cook Chomby bird.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: Level 5 Fletching, Level 30 Cooking, Level 30 Ranging, ability to kill level 64 wolves and defend yourself from level 48 and level 70 ogres.
Required Items: Woodcutting axe, feathers (around 50 to 100, just to be safe), knife, chisel, weapon and armor (to kill a wolf, and defend yourself from ogres).

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

First step is to walk a little to the south from him and chop yourself some logs from the Achey trees. You'll need around 5 logs - Rantz himself wants 6 arrows and you will probably want a few of your own. 
Next, all around the hill area you are in you will encounter wolves. Go a little further south west from the Achey trees and you will find one. Kill a couple and use your chisel on their bones. Then, fletch arrows as per usual - use knife on logs, use feathers on shafts and use tips on feathered shafts. You need around 10 arrows.
Head back to Rantz and present him with the arrows. He then tells you about the toads, that his two sons like to play with. Remember to ask him all the questions you can, or else you wont be able to open the chest. Next step is to talk to the boys, which are inside a cave directly north from Rantz. On your way you will notice the ogre spitroast.
Speak to the boys and you discover they use a bellows to inflate the toads for fun - charming. They also tell you their father took the bellows off them and locked it in a chest, which you will find in the north-west part of the cave. Open it and search to find the bellows.
Head back down to where you found the wolves, and just to the west you will find a swamp. Try using the bellows on a toad - it tells you that the air is too thin. The solution is to use it on the swamp bubbles you will find in the swamp, at the southern end of the swamp pond. You get three shots with the gas filled bellows before you need to fill it again. Use the bellows on a toad again and you will be able to catch it. Get a few - at least three. 
Head back to Rantz and present the toads to him. He will show you where you need to place them to lure the birds out.
Go down and place a toad on the spot. Rantz will take a shot at it, but he will miss. If you speak to him, he complains that your arrows are weak. Ask him to give you a go at shooting. He gives you his bow.
Head back down and place another toad. Wield the bow and arrows you have left, when the bird appears, range it. You'll kill it fairly easily. Pluck the carcass and take the raw bird back to Rantz. He wants you to cook it as well.
He'll tell you to ask the children what they would like with their dinner. Its different from person to person what they want on their Chompy, but here’s a quick list of where to get it all:
Onion: To the west of the swamp, there’s a fire and some ogres, right around there.
Doogle leaf: North-west of the swamp, respawn of 4.
Equa Leaf: You can get this south-east of Rantz, south of the place you placed your toad for the bait.
Tomato: South of the Wolfs.
Cabbage: North of the swamp where there is a bear. 
Potato: south-east of Rantz.
Use the bird on the spitroast. Present Rantz with his delicious seasoned Chompy bird and the quest is complete.

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