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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Talk to Dondakan in the Keldagrim mines east of 
Rellekka and north of the mountain camp.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 5,000 defence experience, 5,000 mining experience, 5,000 
smithing experience, rune pickaxe.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: Fishing Contest must have been completed.
Required Skills: Level 30 Defence, Level 40 Mining (higher mining would be an advantage), Level 50 smithing, be able to defeat at least a level 75 enemy.
Required Items: Hammer, Cannonball Mould, Pickaxe, 12 - 24gp, 4 Gold Bars.
Monsters: Arzinian Being Of Bordanzan (level 75 - 125).
NPC: Dondakan the dwarf, dwarven ferryman, dwarven engineer, Rolad, 

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Go to a cave east of Rellekka. Go through the cave and find yourself amongst some dwarfs. Talk to the ferryman and give him 2gp to cross the river. Now follow the path going east to end up north of where you got off the boat. Talk to Dondakan the dwarf to start the quest.
Dondakan will ask you to help him break through an impenetrable rock. Go back to the ferryman and over the river. To the east you will find a boat with three dwarven in front of it and south of those, the dwarven engineer. Talk to the engineer and ask him about the rock. He will tell you Rolad might be able to help and that he can be found on the ice mountain.
The ice mountain is west of Edgeville. Rolak is in the eastern house to the south of the mountain, right next to where you start the dwarven cannon quest. He will tell you about a book with information about the rock. He has lost the pages and you must go into the dwarven mine to find them.
The first page is dropped by a scorpion. Kill some of them and you’ll get the page. The second one is in an iron rock. Mine any of them and you should get the second page right away. The third one can be found in any mining cart here. Just search one. Now that you have them all return to Rolak and he will give you the book. Read the book (skipping the pages is enough) and keep hold of it for later.
Return to Dondakan after reading the book. Ask him about what he has tried so far. He will ask you to look what his boots do, wait a while and he’ll tell you they don’t do anything. Everything he has tried is useless and he asks you to come up with a good material. Use an gold bar with him and he’ll tell you that you can try it yourself but he won’t waste his gold. Now make a golden cannonball by using gold on a furnace with the cannonball mould in your inventory. You will get a nice golden cannonball. Take it back to Dondakan.
He will now fire the golden cannonball at the rock. The rock will absorb the cannonball and Dondkan suggest firing you into it, so you can see what happened to the cannonball. To do so you need schematics to alter the cannon and an golden helmet to get through the rock.
Dondakan gives you the first part of the schematics. Go to the dwarven engineer for the second part. Another part of the schematics is hidden in the back of the book. Talk to Rolad for another book if you don’t have your old one anymore. Talk to Rolad and tell him you will go to find the schematics. Now just read  your book to find them. The last part is at another dwarven engineer  called Khorvak who is located in the dwarven passage. Talk to him with a dwarven stout in your inventory, which respawns on the table right next to him.
Click assemble on the basic schematics. You will get a window showing you the three schematics and the basic. It’s very simple really, use the arrows to move the selected pieces up and down, left and right and the middle arrow to turn them. Doing so, just move bright white parts of the blue sheets onto the same part as in the background. So the legs of the manlike figure should be moved on top of the manlike figure etcetera. When you're finished it will say "That’s it, it all makes sense now! If you were a dwarf that is…".
To make the golden helmet, use three gold bars with an anvil. It will give you the option to make an bowl or an helmet, choose the helmet. Take the helmet and the schematics back to Dondakan. Tell him you're ready to be fired through the rock.
Once inside the rock you’ll see a lot of gold around you. Mine some of it to upset the avatar of the demon inside this rock. You will need at least six gold ores to be able to fight him. The more you take, the lower his level will be. You can go through any fire wall at the end of the path to find a circle of walls of flames. Don’t go there unless you have the six gold ores, you won’t be able to go back through the flames. To defeat this demon walk to one of the walls of flames in the middle and he will attack you. He uses magic attack so if you use prayer, block against that. If you defeat him you will be taken outside, talk to Dondakan again to claim your reward. This completes the quest.

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