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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to Horacio at Handelmort Mansion in East Ardougne.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 15000 Agility, 24000 Farming, 23000 Slayer, 40000 Woodcutting, Jade vine Farming patch.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains, Hand in the Sand, One Small Favour, Tribal Totem.
Required Skills: Level 55 Agility, Level 53 Farming, Level 59 Slayer, Level 72 Woodcutting.
Required Items: 1 Soft Clay, pot, 30gp, spade, machete, secateurs, woodcutting axe, plant pot..
Monsters: Jungle Spider (level 40), Giant Ant Worker(level 40-50), Giant Wasp (level 62), Frog (level 62), Pernicious Parrot (level 66), Tenacious Toucan (level 70), Wild Jade Vine (Level 167).
NPC: Horacio, Wizard Cromperty, RPDT employee, Garth, Zarvistic Rarve.

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Speak to Horacio, who is in the garden of large house at the centre of east Ardougne. Ask if there is anything he needs help with and agree to help him install a new garden feature, the rare Jade Vine. Horacio will send you to Wizard Cromperty as he can supply a means for you to transport the vine seed back from Karamja.

Speak to Cromperty about the "Back to my Roots" quest. After some persuasion he will agree to give you a magic transportation device, but he requires that you retrieve his package from the R.P.D.T. depot. The depot is south of the southern Ardougne bank near the docks. Speak to one of the workers there and ask about Cromperty's delivery. They will explain to you that they can't deliver anything as a box is giving off a terrible stench. Open the box for them and you will find a wizard's severed arm. Tell the workers that the cause of the smell is dealt with.

Go back and speak with Cromperty. He will say that he needs a brand new "magical" device for transporting the seed as it has been broken. It will become evident that the case is in fact a pot with a pot lid. Agree to make him a new one. The pot lid must be made after he has asked you to make one, offering him a premade one will not suffice as the pottery shrinks.

Head to the barbarian village. The fastest way is teleporting with a skull sceptre or teleporting with an amulet of glory to Edgeville and running south. Use soft clay with a pottery to make a pot lid, and then heat it in the pottery oven. Return to Cromperty with a pot and pot lid. He relays a message from Horacio for you to go speak to Garth the farming patch farmer in Brimhaven about the Jade Vine. Take the boat to Karamja from Ardougne, requires 30gp unless you use a ring of charos. Slightly south from the docks in Brimhaven, Garth will be standing next to the fruit tree farming patch. Talk to him about the quest and then take the cart to Shilo Village.

At Shilo, leave the village and then run along the fence westwardly. Go over the bridge and then run east. Just past the nature altar you will come to a vine. Be careful from here on, as although monsters in the maze are mostly weak, they have strong poison.

Climb Vine Picture Climb up the vine you can see, and follow these directions in the maze:

1. Go east, climb up, run over the vine and climb down, climb down the vine to the ground, cut the vines in the arch and crawl through, squeeze through the next set of vines, go up the vines leading up to the eagle's nest.
2. Run past the eagle and climb down the eastern vine, above you should see a hanging vine, swing across the gap on it, run north on the vine you are on, climb down, go down the vine on the ground, cut the hanging vines and crawl through, squeeze through the next set of vines, climb up the available vine until you can see vines going over the river.
3. Cross the vine, go down, go down the vine to the ground, cut through and crawl under more vines, go up the vine on the ground, go around the corner and go up, go down, go up the other vine going over the river, cross it, go around the bend leading back, go down, go down the vine to the ground.

If you fall in the maze, go down one of the holes. The tunnels take you to a random place in the maze, keeping taking them until you arrive at a destination you can recognise and climb out of.

At the base of the tree you will see several mounds, clear the earth off them and then cut off the root closest the to the tree. Use the root with a plant pot Wait a few seconds to check if the root survives, if it dies simply cut a new one. As soon as you receive a message, saying the cutting has rooted use your pot on the plant pot it is planted in so that it is protected. Teleport to Ardougne.

Head to a bank and withdraw a trowel, as well as any other equipment needed to fight with (you can only fight with a woodcutting axe or secateurs, so don't bring another weapon.) Speak to Horacio and he will now ask you to plant the vine as well because he's incompetent. Use the airtight container on the preprepared patch he has for the plant. The vine will grow quickly in a cutscene and attack you both. The Wild Vine (level-167) attacks with Magic and melee attacks, it's best to use the protect from magic Prayer as it deals higher damage. The vine can poison you so be careful to watch your health and drink antipoison. When the vine is dead speak to Horacio to complete you quest.


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