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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to Chief Tess in the ogress town of Oo'glog.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Quest Length: Long.
Reward: 15000 Firemaking, 15000 Hunter, 15000 Woodcutting, access to all of Oo'glog's features, ability to hunt the diseased kebbit, wimpy bird and platypus, and ability to keep platypodes as pets.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Zogre Flesh Eaters.
Required Skills: Level 48 Hunter, Level 51 Firemaking, Level 58 Woodcutting.
Required Items: 8 achey logs, 15+ eucalyptus logs, 4 normal spears (any kind), 2 raw chompy birds, tinderbox, 8 stripy feathers, 4 wolf bones, 8 larupia furs, box trap, bird snare, knife, logs (for deadfalling).
Monsters: Not required to fight: Ogress Champion (level 99), Ogress Warrior (level 86), Ogress (level 69), Wolf (level 64).
NPC: Chief Tess, Balnea, Chargurr, Snurgh, Kringk, Seegud.

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Enter the ogre settlement of Oo'glog. This can be accomplished in two different ways. One way, you can do this by running straight south from Yanille, and then running around to the west of the mud wall around the resort and passing through the entrance. Alternatively, keep heading south, and pass through the Agility short cut in the wall. This requies level 29 Agility required. Players who have completed One Small Favour can fly to Feldip hills using a gnome glider to save time. Those who have finished part of Recipe for Disaster can take a boat from the beach near Tai Bwo Wannai and arrive fairly close to the resort. Players can also use the Fairy Ring code AKS to arrive nearby. Lastly, hunters who have completed Eagles' Peak quest and who have set up the jungle eagle spot can fly straight to the jungle outside of Oo'glog.

Once inside the resort speak to Chief Tess about what is going on in the settlement. She can be found in the hut directly north of the general store adjacent to the bank. She will explain that a human is motivating the ogresses into helping her build a resort for money. Agree to speak to the "other human," Balnea, in the bank. She will speak for a while. Say that you will help her until the conversation ends. You will now be able to use the bank and will need to speak to Chargurr about catering.

Chargurr will explain that she needs some spears, chompy birds, and logs in order to be ready. You will need to get 10 eucalyptus logs and 8 achey logs. She won't tell you how many spears and chompies you will need beforehand. Eucalyptus and achey trees can be found west of the resort. The area is multicombat with Wolves (level 64), Ogresses (level 69), Ogress warriors (level 86), and Ogress champions (level 99) wandering through the woods. Bring armor, food, and a weapon along with an axe. If you are on a lower level, it is a better idea to only enter the area for the 10 eucalyptus logs and then either chop achey trees inside of Oo'glug or run north to other ogre areas where more achey trees can be found.

Return to Chargurr with the logs she has asked for and then ask how many spears she will need. You will eventually decide upon 4 spears of any kind. A quick way to get spears during the quest is to kill Ogress warriors with spears. An alternative would be to take 4 bronze bars and 4 logs, then take the glider to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, take the Agility shortcut, and make the spears at the Barbarian Training area and return. Give Chargurr the spears and ask her how many raw chompy birds she will need. You will need two. Give her the raw chompies and then light the fire (you can use the ogre bow if have completed Barbarian Training). Return to Balnea when you have done so.

Speak to Snurgh, who is in the most eastern building next to the beach. She needs 8 tropical wagtail feathers for pillows. Catch one tropical wagtail in the jungle area just above Oo'glog with a bird snare if you need to get the feathers. You should receive 8 feathers from one catch. Snurgh will take them. Now return to Balnea.

Speak to Kringk and bring her 4 wolf bones and 8 spined larupia furs for her salon. Give them to her - tatty or perfect furs will do. Next, speak to Balnea before speaking to Seegud who is north-east of the bank. Seegud will ask you to scare away the flies around the baths. Seegud explains to you that the flies at each pool are repelled by different scents, depending on flowers burnt. She has left stones at each fire pit to tell you what flowers need to be burnt along with one eucalyptus log. Carry out her instructions and burn the right selection of flowers with a eucalyptus log at any fire pit using a tinderbox. Unfortunately, it won't get rid of any flies and the ogre children will all start laughing.

  • Long brown: Eucalyptus log
  • Green gumdrop-shaped: Fever grass
  • Red round: Primweed
  • Yellow egg-shaped: Tansymum
  • Orange squarish: Stinkbloom
  • Tall Purple: Lavender

Speak to Seegud again, she will explain that the ogre children have most likely played around with the stones for fun, but she reckons that you can still work out the code using the stones - it will just be different to what she originally made it. Head to the thermal bath with several of each flower and eucalyptus logs and play around with combinations until the fire scares away the flies. You know that the long-brown stone must still be the eucalyptus, so it is a case of working out the flower needed for the second part of the thermal bath fire. The thermal bath is the best place to start as you only have to guess one stone to begin with. Then head to the mud bath to the east, then to the salt-water bath west of the thermal, then the sulphur, and finally the Bandos bath. That way you can gradually work out what the remaining stones must logically mean. As you go around, note down which stone is for which flower - this is different for everyone. Once you have driven off all the flies at every bath speak to Seegud, and then yet again talk with Balnea.

Balnea will explain that there are toxic animals roaming the resort, and they are the final of her issues with the plot before it can be opened. She claims that despite being a great Hunter that you should do the job of removing the animals, but she does mention that Chief Tess may be able to help. Speak to Chief Tess, and ask about methods to catch the platypodes, diseased kebbits and wimpy birds. Platypodes must be caught alive using box traps, wimpy birds require bird snares, while diseased kebbits require a knife and logs to catch. If you don't have logs on you, they can be easily chopped in the jungle above the settlement. Each animal will also be attracted to a certain flower when burnt, and repelled by another. Below are the flowers to burn in order to attract the animals while hunting them:

  • Kebbits: Fever grass
  • Wimpy birds: Tansymum
  • Platypodes: Lavender
You will need to kill 5 wimpy birds and 4 diseased kebbits, and then catch and relocate the 4 platypodes so they don't interfere with the resort. The wimpy birds are just west of the bank, the platypodes are above the Bandos bath, and the kebbits are split next to the thermal and salt-water baths. Run infront of the animals whilst burning the flowers to lure them towards your traps. You can not set up more than one dead fall trap for the diseased kebbits as the ogre children complain that you are blocking up the place. If you anger a platypus with the wrong flower being burnt it will poison you, and wimpy birds and kebbits will attack you in less dangerous ways for the same reason. When you catch any of the four platypodes release them at the shore within Oo'glog near the reeds. They will reward you with a casket each time.

After you have completed these tasks speak finally to Balnea. The quest is now complete. You can now use the baths for free at Oo'glog, hunt the animals outside, and you can keep one platypus at a time as a pet if you can catch it.


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