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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Reldo, Varrock Library (in the palace).
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 600gp.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Items: A few gp (100 should be enough) and a friend.

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The book: Search around the library bookcases until you find a book titled 'The Shield of Arrav' by A R Wright and then read it.
Phoenix Gang: To join this gang, go back to Reldo and talk with him about where you can find the Phoenix Gang. He doesn't know but tells you to ask the fur trader. Talk with the fur trader in Varrock Square. Give him 20gp for the information on where the Phoenix hideout is. Head over to the hideout, it's in a room in the south of Varrock. Head down the stairs and talk with Straven. 
VTAM Corporation: To join the VTAM Corporation you'll need to kill Jonny the Beard in the Blue Moon Inn (west of the hideout) to get a report for Straven. Straven will then give you a key to the weapons store. The shield half is in the back in a chest.
Black Arm Gang: Ask your friend for some help. Ask them to talk to the tramp just west of the south entrance to Varrock. Ask him what's down the alleyway, and he'll tell them that it's the Black Arm Gang's hideout. Your friend must follow the alleyway and talk with Katrine. They must tell her that you know about the gang, and that you won't tell who your source is. Tell her to try you out to prove that you're trustworthy. 
Getting the crossbows: Using the key to the weapons store go a little east of the Phoenix hideout and find the locked door. Go in and up the stairs. You will be attacked by the Phoenix master of arms. Kill him and take two crossbows. Give your friend the crossbows and they can go back to Katrine and give her the crossbows, go upstairs in the hideout, and get the shield half.
Completing the quest: Now you will have one half of the shield and your friend will have the other. Hopefully they will give you their half. Once you have both halves go to Curator in the Varrock Museum located east of the palace you started in. Talk with him, and get the 2 certificates. Give one to your friend, and then head of to the king in the Varrock palace, give him the certificate, and you'll have completed the quest.

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