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Sony Playstation Portable PSP Game Cheats
Wipeout Pure
Alt. name(s): Wipe Out Pure
Working title: WipeOut

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How to unlock the Classic mode: Win a gold medal in each track in single race and tournament mode in four classes to unlock four classic tracks. 
How to unlock the Classic mode in all classes: Win a gold medal for all tracks in all five classes to unlock the classic tournament in all classes.
How to unlock the Beta Tournament: Finish in first place on all Alpha Tournament tracks.
How to unlock the Ascension Tournament: Finish in first place on all Beta Tournament tracks.
How to unlock the Zone Team: Finish with a gold medal on all Zone tracks (Pro Tozo, Mallavol, Coridon 12, and Syncopia).
How to unlock the Artwork: Win a track with a gold medal. Then, enter your profile menu and select "Progress". Highlight the track that was completed with a gold medal and press X.

How to gat a quick start: When starting a race, press X when the announcer says Go! to get a boost. Note: For the boost when the race begins, you can be about one second off before you can get a boost start.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and Mr. TR

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