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The Sims 2
Also known as: The Sims 2: Dr. Dominic no Inbou

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The Sims 2
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HINTS AND PLAYING TIPS Build up your Creativity then paint and sell paintings. Once you Creativity is all the way up you will earn 500 Simoleons for each painting.
How to get easy Simoleons (2): Max out your Creativity and get an easel. Use it, and when the canvas appears on the easel, select Cancel. The painting will be done, earning you 500 Simoleons in two seconds.
Ghost Sim: Do not eat or drink anything, and your Sim's Sanity diamond will decrease. Once it is no longer filled, your Sim will die and turn into a ghost. You can easily call the Grim Reaper and tell him you want to live once again. You need to have a lot of Sanity points if you want to have a full Sanity diamond. However, there a lot of choices to pick which kind of Sanity diamond increase to buy. Still, you need the correct amount of Sanity points to get it. If you want to stay as a ghost, you will be able to float in mid-air. However, all you can do is just float and go in houses or places. To get more Sanity points once living again, go up to a person and scare them. You cannot go to the bathroom or make food.
Passing out: Try eating a little bit. Then, walk around a lot. Eventually, your Sim's Sanity diamond will decrease to the point where you fail in chatting, flirting, or imitating against another person. In the house you bought, go into the music room. The ghost will scare you, making your Sanity diamond decrease. Afterwards, after your diamond is all the way decreased, your Sim will fall on the floor and feel strange, which will make you start from your new house. You will get thrown over the fence of your house, but will feel better afterwards. It will take 500 Simoleons to get you back on your feet, and you will lose all your Sanity points.
Help with the 'A Three Way Feeling' mission: When your Sim feels hungry, give it some food. Then, after it is done eating, it will have to go to the bathroom. After it is done going to the bathroom, it will lose Hygiene points. Make sure the Sim washes its hands. Afterwards, the cycle will start again after you go to the bathroom; it will be hungry again.
Help with the 'Baker' mission: To get the bakers to leave the room so you can hack in to his secret room, examine the dresser in their bedroom. Then, give the wife the note. You can now hack into his secret room.
How to flirt with same gender Sim: You can flirt with a Sim that is the same gender as yours once the other Sim's Flirting bar is filled up all the way.

The sanity diamond full game glitch:
Do social games with different Sims. Try completing their Flirt and Chat stats to have a complete Sanity diamond. It should be white once filled up all the way. After you filled it up to the top, Chat and Flirt with six more Sims. Note: Do not imitate against them. After chatting and flirting with six more Sims, your Sanity diamond will still be full. Save and quit the game, then play as the person that you were playing with before. You will notice that your Sanity will be 100% great, and will not decrease.
The chatting with Mambo Loa game glitch: Try standing a few feet away from her. Then, do a social game, and do chat. If you complete the third chatting process, it will look like Mambo is hugging nothing but the air.

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