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Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play
Alt. name(s): Midway ArcadeTreasures Ex Play

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This only works in single player mode, and has no effect on the Mortal Kombat games or Cyberball 2072.
During play, hit pause then hold:
L + Down + Circle.
You can now toggle screen sizes by pressing Square.

Press the following buttons on the VS screen to activate the following Kombat Kode.

Effect .... Kombat Kode
Play as Smoke .... HP(x1), BL(x9), HK(x2).
Unlimited run .... LP(x4), BL(x6), LK(x6).
Dark Kombat .... LP(x6), BL(x8), LK(x8).
Psycho Kombat .... LP(x9), BL(x8), LK(x5).
Randper Kombat .... LP(x4), BL(x6).
Blocks disabled .... BL(x2).
Player one has 1/4 energy .... LP(x7), LK(x4).
Fight Motaro .... LP(x9), BL(x6), LK(x9).
Fight Shao Kahn .... BL(x3), LK(x3).
Fight Smoke .... LP(x2), LK(x5).
Play Galaga .... LP(x6), BL(x4), LK(x2).
Fight Noob Saibot .... LP(x7), BL(x6), LK(x9).
No life bars .... LP(x9), BL(x8), LK(x7).
Throws disabled .... LP.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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