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Metal Gear Acid 2
Alt. name(s): MetalGear Acid 2, MGA 2, MGA2

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Enter one of the Passwords below to get the Card Specified

Card .... Password
Viper Card (No. 161) .... VIPER
Mika Card (No. 166) .... MIKA SLAYTON
Karen Card (No. 170) .... KAREN HOUJOU
Jehuty Card (No. 172) .... JEHUTY
Xmeight Card (No. 187) .... XM8
Sgnt Card (No. 188) .... SIGINT
Hrrr Card (No. 197) .... SEA HARRIER
Dcyctps Card (No. 203) .... DECOY OCTOPUS
Rgr Card (No. 212) .... ROGER MCCOY
Xx Card (No. 281) .... HINOMOTO REIKO
Kinoshitaa Card (No. 285) .... KINOSHITA AYUMI
Shiimeg Card (No. 286) .... ISHII MEGURU
Nonat Card (No. 287) .... SANO NATSUME
No Place Card (No. 288) .... MGS4

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