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MediEvil Resurrection
Alt. name(s): MediEvil Resurrection

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MediEvil Resurrection
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How to get the cheat mode: During play, hit Start to pause game play, then hold R and press Down, Up, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Square, Triangle. A new Cheats option will appear towards the bottom of the menu, with Invulnerability and Have all weapons options.

How to get easy health: Return to the Dan's Crypt level and complete it. It should be easy after you have progressed through other levels. Once done, you can get full health by collecting it, as well as a lot of gold.
How to get easy gold: After saving the farmers in the Haunted Ruins level, follow them to receive a big stash of gold. Walk back to the bridge, save the game, and reload it. The gold is now back for the taking. Repeat this as often as desired. It takes only a few minutes to get over 2,500 gold.

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