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Super Monkey Ball

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Unlock the bonus levels:
To get the bonus levels you must successfully complete a level without using a continue. You will get 3 bonus levels for that difficulty setting. You will notice that the Master difficulty setting does not have any bonus levels.


Warp to level five:
This is available on beginner level 2.. Follow the steps.. 1. Instead of going forwards towards the goal, turn around and go up the little point. 2. Fall off and land on a platform beneath and there should be another goal there that warps you to level five.


Here is a list of super power-ups, you can combine the power ups to create combos:
Super Power-up One: Big Glove + Big Glove and you will get the Double Glove.
Super Power-up Two: Big Glove + Long and you will get the Big, Long Glove.
Super Power-up Three: Big Glove + Vortex and you will get the Big, Vortex Glove.
Super Power-up Four: Big Glove + Big Glove + Long and you will get the Super Big, Long Glove.
Super Power-up Five: Big Glove + Big Glove + Vortex and you will get the Super Big, Vortex Glove.

Submitted by: Craig Fellows

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