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GTA San Andreas Game Cheats
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Alt. name(s): Grand Theft Auto SA, GTA SA, GTASA 
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Marquis: Complete boat school with at least all bronze awards.
Maverick: Go to Easter Bay International Airport at San Fierro. Go to the security booth and jump on top of it. Get any kind of vehicle and take it all of the way in the back in the northwest corner. After you are there, go all the way south. You will not make it all of the way because you will see a red Maverick that is unlocked. Also, if you go to the most northwestern city, where the boating school is located, there is a helipad with one on it. The building it is next to is blue.
Maverick (2): This standard helicopter spawns on the helipad at the police station in San Fierro. Also, look at the airports. You can also get it by entering the races at Las Venturas Airport, then using the "Keep aircraft from races" trick.
Maverick (3): Go to the hospital in the Santa Rosa area of San Fierro. Fly up to the roof and there will be a Maverick.
Monster Truck: Finish in first place in the 8-Track. Do not give up, and keep trying again until you get it right, or they do not spin you out. It is useful to never use the brake or the handbrake -- just know when you need to let off the gas and when you can floor it.
Monster Truck (2): When you drive the Monster Truck, press R1 to make all four wheels move (quadra-steer), just like a real monster truck.
Monster Truck (3): Go to Flint Intersection. There is an area that looks like a small impound yard with an entrance that you can just walk through. Inside is a Monster Truck that you can just drive away in.
Monster Truck (4): Go to the Santa Marina Beach area at the bottom of Los Santos. Go to the lighthouse and stand on the right side of it. Jump over the fence and swim west to the first road you reach. You should be in the Los Santos Inlet area if you look on the map. Once you get there, get a car and drive north up the road until you get to Flint County. From there, you should see a trailer park with a wall around it on the left side of the road. The Monster Truck is located in that trailer park, along with a motorcycle and a truck. It is in the back of the trailer park near a trailer. Note: The road it is next to looks like a pretzel (freeway). If the Monster Truck is not there, then drive away and come back. It should now have respawned.
News Chopper: You can get this helicopter from San News by entering the races at the Las Venturas Airport. Take the second race, then use the "Keep aircraft from races" trick.
Nevada: Go to the Easter Bay Airport. Go to a wall where a utility truck and sometimes a baggage handler is located. A Nevada is a cargo plane. Note: You must first complete pilot school. Note: This big plane also spawns at every airport.
NRG-500: Complete bike school with all gold awards.
NRG-500 (2): To get the NRG-500 superbike, go to the docks at the Easter Basin area in San Fierro. Go to the yellow crane near the ship (you will have a mission here). On the other side of the yellow crane is a ship dock that is not filled with any water, and has a hanger-type shelter covering it. Inside the shelter near the far wall is an NRG 500. When you get on it, a mission will start. Just ignore the icons, and after a few seconds the mission will fail but you can keep driving the NRG-500. You can return here after some time to get more NRG-500s because they continue respawning.
NRG-500 (3): In Los Santos, go into the yellow territory on the right side of the map. There is a L shape building, and inside is a parking garage. There is an NRG-500 on the second and top floors. The one on the second floor has two tail pipes, and the one on the top has one. Also, there is a Uzi at the top floor.
Packer: Go to the Ocean Docks in Los Santos and look around. The Packer looks like a truck with a ramp on the back. Get any car and park it on the back. If you run out of room, use the Right-Analog stick and pull back. The ramp on which all of the cars you just positioned will rise, and you can park more cars. Note: If you load cars on the end too far on the edge, they will fall off. Then, you can put it on the bottom.
Phoenix: In San Fierro, go across the street where CJ's garage is located. There is also a checkered flag on the map that shows where you can race. Enter the race called San Fierro Hills. In that race, you will race in a Phoenix. Just park it in a garage to keep it.
Police Maverick: This helicopter spawns on the roof of the police station in the Pershing Square area of Los Santos.
Police Maverick (2): When you get a Police Maverick, press R3 to turn on its searchlight.
Quadbike: Look at the sides of the houses at the Blueberry Acres area in Red County. The Quadbike will be at the side of a building.
Quadbike (2): Go to the town nearest the northeast of the airport in the desert. The ATV is at backyard of the closest house towards the bridge in the southeast corner of the town.
Quadbike (3): Go to the hilltop farm in the Red County area of Los Santos. There are two barns with lofts on them. On the barn to the right, if you jump at the correct moment, you can climb up and get a Quadbike. They respawn there every hour.
Quadbike: Flipping it without falling off: Spawn a Quadbike, then go to a straight and long road. When you are going fast, quickly use the brakes. Note: Sometimes you will not make it.
Raindance: Go to Easter Bay Airport at San Fierro. Go to its parking garage. Find a sign that reads "Keep Clear" and follow it to reach a pilot entrance. The Raindance resembles a Coast Guard helicopter.
Raindance (2): Go to the hospital in the Santa Rosa area at San Fierro. Fly up to the roof and there will be a Raindance.
Raindance (3): There is also a Raindance on the Santa Monica beach where the Triathlon is located. It is on the west side of the two piers.
Remington: Eyes: While in San Fierro, steal a Remington. While in the car, turn on your tail lights. In certain lighting you will notice two eyes staring at you (eye brows, eye lashes, and eyes).
Rhino: The Rhino Tank has twelve wheel drive. In a way it is like the Monster Truck -- you can hold R1 and it will drive easier in turns.
Rhino (2): Go to Area 69 and look in the garages to find Rhino tanks.
Rhino (3): Get six stars on your wanted meter and Rhinos will appear.
Rhino (4): Get an aircraft of any kind and fly into Area 69 (Restricted Area). Your aircraft will catch on fire quickly because of high security shooting you down. Try to land as quickly as possible and bail from the aircraft as close to the ground as possible by pressing Triangle. When on foot, run to a garage with a Rhino. Drive the Rhino to Fort Carson, which is just across the highway where you have a Safe House with a garage. Park the Rhino in the garage and save the game.
Rhino: Faster: When you get a Rhino tank, look back until the gun is completely facing the rear. Then drive and fire. You will gain speed quickly.
Romero's Hearse: Go to the hospital in Angel Pine and stand outside of the hospital facing the street. Turn left and go into the other building. You will find a Romero's Hearse, ready to drive.
Rustler: Complete pilot school with at least all bronze awards. The Rustler is airplane based on the P-51 Mustang. Press L1 to fire the wing machine guns.
Rustler (2): The Rustler can be found on several locations. If you finish the pilot school at your airstrip, it will spawn in the first hanger. It also spawns at the airport in Los Santos and San Fierro; look in the hangers there. You can get also it by entering the races at the Las Venturas Airport. Select the race with the Rustler, then ignore the race and instead take it back to your airstrip and park it in your own big hangar. You will fail the mission, but can re-do it. Once you get back to your airstrip and look in your hanger, your Rustler will be there. Save the game to keep it. This trick can also be used for other aircraft.
Sabre: Bulletproof: Buy the house in Dillimore and make sure that the garage is empty. In the mission Tanker Commander mission that you get from Catalina, there is a completely armored Sabre available. Instead of getting in the truck, go turn around and go around the side of the gas station. The Sabre that is used to try to disconnect the trailer is sitting there, locked. You can either push it by running into it or push it with the truck. Push it down the street you are on to your garage and kill Catalina. Then, push it into your garage and let it close. When you go back to it, you will find that it is fireproof, bulletproof, and dent-proof.
Sand King: Go to near the big satellite dish out in the desert near the abandoned airstrip. Note: This vehicle sometimes has hydraulic springs.
Savanna: Bulletproof: After completing the High Stakes, Low Rider mission, Cesar and his Savanna will remain at the finish line, but the doors will be locked. Use another vehicle to push the car to your garage. The doors will now be unlocked and the car remains bulletproof.
Sea Sparrow: Go to the bottom of the Sherman Dam where the water is lower. It is on your left if you are facing towards the dam, at the end of the short pier-looking structure. You will see both a Sea Sparrow and Skimmer. If you press R1, the guns shoot from the Sea Sparrow.
Sea Sparrow (2): The Sea Sparrow also can be found parked on the helipad near the Boat School.
Shamal: Go to any airport except the Abandoned Airstrip to find the Shamel business jet.
Skimmer: Go to the Arco Del Deste area then go north. Look for a forked road that points to the water. Go out a little, and you will see the Skimmer plane, which is a Dodo with pontoons.
Skimmer (2): Go to the bottom of the Sherman Dam where the water is lower. It is on your left if you are facing towards the dam, at the end of the short pier-looking structure. You will see both a Sea Sparrow and Skimmer. Note: The Skimmer is the only airplane that can allow two players to occupy it.
Sparrow: This helicopter spawns on the roof of Madd Dogg's Crib.
Squallo: Complete boat school with at least all silver awards.
Stunt Plane: Complete pilot school with at least all silver awards. The stunt plane is based on a World War I fighter. Press R3 while flying to let out a red smoke trail from the back of the tail.
Stunt Plane (2): You can also get the Stunt Plane by entering the races in Las Venturas airport, then using the "Keep aircraft from races" trick.
Stunt Plane: Controls: Backflip: Get the altimeter to at least half and pull the Left Analog-stick Back, then it should go back to normal. Barrel Roll: Get at least 100 feet in the air, then pull Left or Right, then stop to get it back to normal. Stunt Smoke: Press R3 and smoke will come out. Press it again to stop it. Go to cinematic view and you can write letters with practice.
Super GT: Complete driving school with at least all bronze awards.
Super GT (2): In San Fierro, go to the Easter Bay Airport. There will be a small building next to the entrance near the helipad area. Below that building, you may find an orange Super GT. It does not usually appear as soon as CJ goes there, but should spawn after awhile. It may take some time for it to spawn. It will be locked, but you can open it by towing it to your garage with a tow truck.
Sweeper: From the Xoomer Gas Station in Spinybed, go east on the road until you have to turn right. Instead of turning right, keeping going straight. You will notice there is an entrance to some sort of warehouse parking lot. The Sweeper can be seen right when you enter the lot.
Tahoma: Bulletproof: In the House Party mission, your hood gets attacked by the Ballas. They will arrive in two Tahoma. Complete the mission without getting too far away from the cars. Then, push either or both Tahomas into the garage of the Johnson house.
Tow Truck: Enter the dump at Mount Chilliad to find a Tow Truck. You can steal cars with it by using the Right Analog-stick to lower the hitch, then back up to a car. Raise the car with the Right Analog-stick and drive away. This can be done while the driver and passenger of the other car are still inside.
Tractor: As done with the Tow Truck, you can also tow cars with a tractor. Steal one from a farmer, back into another car, then press the Right Analog-stick Back to lift the winch.
Turismo: In the Breaking the Bank at Caligula's mission, after you have the parachute intentionally miss the helipad and instead aim for the ground. On the ground, almost everyone will be driving a Turismo (the fastest car in the game). Steal one and go to the airstrip. Park the Turismo in the garage and finish the mission.
Vortex: Look in one of the buildings at the Panopticon area in Red County. On your map, it will show a brown square with a group of white dots in it. The white dot that is farthest north on the map is the building with the Vortex in it. Hop inside and take it for a land and water ride.
Vortex: Jetpack powered: Jump into any body of water and enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code. Then, enable the "Spawn Vortex" code. Get into the Votex and it will be jet powered. Note: Once you leave the Vortex this effect will end.
Vortex: trick: Go to the top of Mount Chilliad, where there is a Camper and Journey. It is an open area. Enable the "Spawn Vortex" code, then just drive off and hold X. You cannot move up or down, but can steer it. Note: This trick does not always work. Go to the tall building in Los Santos that has the parachute on top. Go to the top of that building and enable the "Spawn Vortex" code. Drive it off the top and pull back. It will glide down smoothly to the ground.
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