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Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Version 
GTA San Andreas Game Cheats
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Alt. name(s): Grand Theft Auto SA, GTA SA, GTASA 
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AT-400: Find the large single hanger at the end of the main runway at the Las Venturas airport. Approach it and it will open. The AT-400 jumbo jet will be inside at certain times. It can climb to the highest altitude possible in the game.
AT-400 (2): Go to the northeastern part of the Las Venturas airport, where a huge hanger with a green door is located. When you walk up to it, the door will open downward to reveal an AT-400 airliner. When you see it, there will be a platform to the left of the plane that you can go on. When you get onto the platform, go to the plane and press Triangle to enter it and fly around.
Bandito: Go to the small sandy beach in San Fierro. When on the beach, you should see a small pier or dock. Go on the left side of the pier look around the corner to find a Bandito.
Bandito (2): The Bandito spawns on the very west side of the map, at the Ocean Flats area of San Fierro. Go to where there is a pier. On the left side of the pier will be a Bandito. This is a buggy-type vehicle that is very good off-road.
Bandito (3): You can find a Bandito at Ocean Flats area of San Fierro, close to Palisades.
Banshee: Go to Las Ventura and look on The Strip.
Banshee: A Banshee can always be found parked by the Gym in the Garcia area of San Fierro. Face the gym's door, then turn right.
Beagle: This airplane can be found at the airports at San Fierro and Las Venturas.
Bicycle: Bunny hop very high: Use the following trick to jump as high as a telephone pole on a bicycle (bunny hop). A few or more tries may be required to learn the correct timing of the buttons. First, make sure you have a machine gun. Hold L1 to set up for a bunny hop. Then, release L1 and immediately press Circle to fire your machine gun. If done correctly, the bike hops many times higher into the air than normal. It is possible to jump over a two story building from flat ground by doing this.
Bicycle: Bunny hop very high (2): Hold L1 to bunny hop, and the exact moment after you release L1, press or tap Circle. Note: This only works when you have a drive by capable weapon equipped. You will be able to jump slightly higher than power lines. Sometimes it can be very difficult to do, as you timing must be precise.
Bicycle: Jet-powered: While on any bicycle, enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code. Then, tap X until at full speed then hold the button. You now have a jet powered bicycle that rides fast, until you release X. To repeat the process, tap X again until at full speed and hold X again.
Bicycle: Big jump: While on a bike, pedal at full speed at an oncoming car. Bunny hop onto the hood and you will launch yourself in the air.
BMX: Backflip: Enable the "Massive bunny hops" code. Press L1 to do the bunny hop, then while in the air press Circle + Left Analog-stick Back. CJ will do a massive bunny hop BMX backflip.
Bulldozer - Create ball and chain: Go to the construction yard near San Fierro. Go past the crane and turn left after the first hangar. Behind that, you will see a Tow Truck, Get in and drive towards the Bulldozer. Hook up the Bulldozer. Drive up the hill to where there is an open area. Then, turn very sharp to either the left or the right. The Bulldozer will fling around, pulling the tow truck with it. For even more fun, get three or more tow trucks and hook them all up into a line. With three or more, the Bulldozer acts like a ball and chain flailing around.
Bulldozer: Fling around: Get a Tow Truck and start towing a Bulldozer. You can turn as sharp as possible to fling it.
Bullet: To get the Bullet sports car. look for the burger joint in the north part of San Fierro, west of the church. The Bullet is located in the parking lot right across from the entrance.
Bullet (2): The fastest and rarest car is the Bullet. It can be found parked in San Fierro, at the burger shop in the Juniper Hollow area.
Bullet (3): Complete driving school with at least all silver awards.
Bullet (4): Complete the Import/Export missions. The Bullet will be available for import after you have delivered all cars to the Green Basin Harbor..
Bullet (5): To get the Bullet and the Super GT, finish all of driving school with all silver except one which you scored bronze on. Then, make the bronze a silver. Both the Bullet and the Super GT will be in the parking lot of the driving school.
Bullet (6): A Bullet can always be found parked by the D. Flour Bakery in the Doherty area of San Fierro.
Cabbie - Keep Taxi light on: Use the following trick to keep the "Taxi" light on and not have to pick up passengers. Steal a taxi and press R3 to toggle the missions. Then, immediately press R3 again. The light will stay on. For a better effect, try this at night.
Cargobob helicopter: Go to the restricted area in Bone County. Inside you will find a Cargobob helicopter, Rhino tanks and a Patriot. If you go to the center of base you will find a steel vent on the ground. Destroy it, and you can go inside and turn off the SAM sites surrounding the base. You should now be able to fly out in the chopper.
Cargobob helicopter (2): You need a Patriot to do this trick. Go to KACC Military Fuels at the top of Las Venturas. If you have done the mission for the Heist strand called Up, Up, and Away, this is the location of KACC Military Fuels. Once there, take your Patriot and drive through the front gates. No one is there, and you will not get shot. Note: If it does not let you through, take a ramp truck and put it near the gate. Then, run up it and jump the fence. Once you are inside, get out of your vehicle, go to your left, and go inside the hangar (round building) and walk through to the other end. You will end up back outside. Once you are outside in the back of the Military Fuels area, make a right and run towards the stairs that you see. Walk up those stairs, and when you get to the top, the Cargobob will be on the heli-pad. Get in it without any stars or police after you. To make this easier, just take a plane there and parachute out. However, make sure to land on the helipad.
Cargobob helicopter (3): The Cargobob can be found where you found the Levitation in the mission for Woozie, at the military fueling area. It not too far from the Twin Dragon Casino. You will probably need another flying vehicle to get into the fueling area.
Cheetah: Go to Las Ventura and look on The Strip.
Combine: In Los Santos, when you get the trucking missions unlocked for the gas station, across from that in a lot of high grass is a combine and a lawn mower; or tractor in the field with a combine. The combine is usually locked.
Combine (2): Aim at the man in the Combine and shoot him in the head. The door will be unlocked and you will be able to get in. Once you do so, no one can open your doors including cops.
Comet: You can find a Comet behind the tennis courts in a car park in San Fierro.
Cropduster: This plane will spawn in Bone County. Start at the entrance of the Hunter quarry, then walk over the dirt road into Bone County. On your right side will be a shack. Behind this shack is the Cropduster. Press R3 to get fertilizer for the crops (white smoke) out of it.
Dodo: Go to any airport except the Abandoned Airstrip to find the Dodo airplane.
Euros: Go to Las Venturas. Go to the The Camels Toe casino (pyramid with a sphinx in the front). The Euros is located under the sphinx.
FCR-900: Complete bike school with at least all silver awards.
Fire Truck: While in San Fierro, go to the Fire Dept. and get in the Fire Truck with a ladder on top. When you get in that Fire Truck, notice you will not get the prompt to press R3 to do the fire missions. This is because there are two different Fire Trucks. You can only do those missions with the truck that does not have a ladder on top.
Freeway: Complete bike school with at least all bronze awards.
Glendale: Ghost car: Look on your map and move the pointer over to Back O' Beyond. Find two upside-down "U"s that resemble horseshoes. Mark the left one and drive there. Once you are at the highway near it, drive and find a little dirt road that has an over turned tree next to it. Drive down the road toward the marker. You should see two Glendales. One should be on he top of the cliff closest to the highway. This is the one you need to take. Take it and drive around the horseshoe. Drive back to where you found that Glendale to see a Glendale drive down the hill and over trees. There is no driver in that car.
Go-Kart: Get a helicopter and fly towards the dam in the desert. Then, fly northeast and find the location with a couple of shacks on top of a tall rock. In one of the shacks is a Go-Kart. The other one has a parachute.
Go-Kart (2): Go to Tierra Robada in the desert. You can find a Go-Kart in one of the two-story brick buildings. It is north of the city, and there is a stair set in the front of the building with an open door. Go inside and you will find a Go-Kart in the back of the building when you walk in. Drive it out of the window and take it for a spin.
Go-Kart (3): After you complete Madd Dogg's Strand mission, a Go-Kart will appear on the east side of the house.
HotKnife: Complete driving school with all gold awards.
Hotring Racer: Finish in first place in the 8-Track. Do not give up, and keep trying again until you get it right, or they do not spin you out. It is useful to never use the brake or the handbrake -- just know when you need to let off the gas and when you can floor it.
Hustler: Complete Burning Desire mission to get Denise as your girlfriend. Keep going out with her, and eventually she will give you the keys to the blue car parked at her house.
Hunter: Complete pilot school with all gold awards. The helicopter will be available at the abandoned airstrip.
Hunter (2): You can also get it by entering the races at Las Venturas Airport. Take the race called Heli Hell, then use the "Keep aircraft from races" trick
Hydra: Complete the Madd Dogg's mission "Vertical Bird" to gain access to the Hydra fighter jet located at the abandoned airstrip in the hanger.
Hydra (2): To get the Hydra earlier in the game, when you are able to enter the Las Venturas airport, after you have passed the flying school, just ahead the entrance (inside the airport) to your right is a red circle where you can race with different airships and choppers. In one of this races you can play with the Hydra. Put it inside the hangar at the abandoned airstrip, get out of the plane, and wait until the timer is over. When done, the Hydra will still be inside the hangar. Note: This can be done with any of the vehicles of those races.
Hydra (3): The Hydra also spawns at the army ship where you have to get it in this mission down at Easter Basin. You can also get it by entering the races in Las Venturas airport, then using the "Keep aircraft from races" trick. Note: Press Circle while in it to fire the rockets.
Hydra (4): Complete the game with a 100% rating. A Hydra jump jet (based on the Harrier) will be at the airbase at one end of the biggest strip.
Hydra (5): After reaching Las Venturas and getting your pilots license at the abandoned airfield, go to the Las Venturas airport. Start the time trial races for the aircraft. It is located near a large hangar near the fence. Choose the race that mentions something about the army. If you chose the correct one, you should be in the jet (Hydra) at your airstrip. Instead of following the markers, taxi the jet to the hangar opposite to the control tower and the doors will open. Taxi inside, get out, and walk out of the hangar. The doors will close. Wait until the timer runs out and you will be taken back to the Las Venturas airport. However, the Hydra will still be in the hangar at your airstrip. Press L1 to fire missiles, L2 to lock on to aircraft or cars, Circle to fire flares (to deter other missiles), and the Left Analog-stick Up or Down to direct thrust.
Hydra (6): After completing the Vertical Bird mission, the Hydra will appear at the abandoned airstrip.
Hydra (7): Check the very bottom/end of the underground police garage in San Fierro to find a Hydra. You will need a police vehicle to get the guard to let you in (and avoid a three star wanted level).
Hydra Controls: Lift: Hold X. Forward: Press Left Analog-stick Forward until the nose points down slightly then press X. Wheels Up: Press R3. Lock And Shoot: Hold R1 until the reticule turns red, then press L1. Flares: Press Circle. Rotate: Hold L2 or R2. Look At Yourself: Press L2 + R2.
Infernus: Go to Las Ventura and look on The Strip.
JetMax: Complete boat school with all gold awards.
Jetpack: Complete the Aircraft Boneyard asset and the Jetpack will be available near the entrance to the save area.
Jetpack (2): Complete the airstrip mission Green Goo for the Truth to gain access to a Jetpack located next to the abandoned airstrip AC tower (the building where you save).
Jetpack (3): To still in mid air in the Jetpack, hold R2 + L2. Note: You will know if you are not moving if the exhaust pipes are circling.
Jetpack (4): When wearing the Jetpack, press X to accelerate. You can strafe with R2 or L2. Note: You cannot save, enter or exit buildings, or shoot with the Jetpack. To take it off, press Triangle. To put it back on, just walk or run at it.
Jetpack (5): It is possible for both characters to have Jetpacks in two player mode. Use the "Spawn Jetpack" code, then press Triangle to leave it. Have player two pick it up, then repeat the code to get a Jetpack for CJ.
Lawn Mower: Go to your Vinewood safe house. Once there, go east and look for a house that has a winding driveway. Once there, go to the top to find the Lawn Mower.
Leviathan: Go to Easter Bay Airport in San Fierro. Go to its parking garage. Find a sign that reads "Keep Clear" and follow it to reach a pilot entrance and find a Leviathan.
Leviathan (2): After you finish the mission for Woozie where you have to get a special Leviathan, a normal Leviathan will spawn at your airport.
Leviathan: Land on water: Go to Easter Bay Airport or the abandoned airfield. Take a Levithan (the large gray helicopter) to any body of water in the area and press Square. You will begin to descend. Continue until you are on the surface of the water and press Triangle. Your helicopter will have landed on the surface of the water and you can swim around. Note: Do not let the helicopter go out of your vision range or it will disappear and spawn back to the airport.
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