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GTA San Andreas Game Cheats
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Alt. name(s): Grand Theft Auto SA, GTA SA, GTASA 
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1. Burger Shot asset: Some of the Burger Shots have a timed delivery mission where you must send packages on a Faggio. Complete them to gain that restaurant as an asset.
2. Notre Dame parody: Enter the bar called The Craw Bar. As soon as you enter, directly to the wall directly ahead. You will see a small Notre Dame sign that instead reads "Notre Lame".
3. Hack into casinos for free: In order to hack inside and win free money, meet ''C'' (Kendl's girlfriend) and complete one mission. As they have the casinos ready for you, kill all guards and be done.
4. Kick boxing moves: Go inside the gym and defeat its owner to learn kick boxing style attacks.
5. Suicidal pedestrians: Find the gym in the Redsands East area. It is parallel to a bomb shop called "Weddings & Weldings". There is an alley next to the shop. Go into it and stand on the eastern wall of the bomb shop. Look in the northeastern direction to see a tall white building. If you stand in the correct location, you can see pedestrians spawning on the lower roof and falling off. You can run up to a pedestrian after they have fallen, but you cannot stand underneath the roof and wait for them to fall on you; they only spawn from a certain distance.
6. Multi-player location: A multi-player icon can be found is underneath the Royal Casino. It can be seen directly from The Strip, and is where you take the Madd Dogg mission.
7. Better slot machine odds: When the slots are still spinning, press Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle. This will increase your by chances by 25%.
8. Reference to Grand Theft Auto 3: Go to any casino in Las Venturas and play video poker. Notice that there are various characters from Grand Theft Auto 3 on the faces of the cards.
9. Reference to Grand Theft Auto 3 (2): Go to any casino in Las Venturas. Find a blackjack vendor and play blackjack. If a King, Queen, or Joker appears, you can see some characters from the Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City. Some of them are Ricardo Diaz, Candy Suxxx, a man trying to look up wearing sunglasses, Asuka Kasen , Steve Scott, Donald Love, Marty Chonks, Misty, Don Salvatore Leone, and Lance Vance. Note: If you cannot see the characters clearly, use the video poker instead.
10. Reference to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: In the intermission sequence for Wuzi's casino mission entitled "Key To Her Heart", the board that CJ reveals is none other than the band Love Fist from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
11. Reference to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2): One of the safe houses in Las Venturas is a casino in the northern part. Behind it is a sign of Candy Suxx moving her leg.
12. Reference to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (3): When you drive down the old Las Venturas Strip you will see a casino like the cowboy across the way. but it will have the likeness of Candy Suxx.
13. Reference to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (4): On the Old Venturas Strip, the cowboy on a casino is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's southern real estate tycoon Avery Carrington.
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