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GTA San Andreas Game Cheats
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Alt. name(s): Grand Theft Auto SA, GTA SA, GTASA 
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1. The large insane stunt bonus game glitch: Get a BMX and ride it to the most northern safe house in the Mulholland area near the Vinewood sign. Note: If you are interested in buying it, the cost is $120,000. Notice that the building is in a 'L' shape. Go to the inner corner of the 'L', next to the pool. Ride into the walls and you will fall through one of them. You will go into a glitched area. Perform lots of rotations before you land back near the safe house to get an insane stunt bonus.
2. The invisible spray paint game glitch: When in CJ's home, get the spray paint can from his bedroom. Go to his lobby and spray in front off his mirror at a certain distance. You will not see the spray in the mirror when spraying.
3. The late death game glitch: Go to the police station (where there is a toll gate with a policeman standing next to it). Hijack any police vehicle. Note: If you hijack a car or do a crime in that area, this will not work. Then, go in front of the gate and wait for him to open it. Once he does, go inside and go straight. Stay in your vehicle. Park next to the garage door then get out of your vehicle. Once out, go next to the building and your will see another booth next to the building. Go inside and kill the guard. Then, kill the booth man next to the gate. Once this is done, go in the garage through the fire exit. Then, go next to a policeman so that he points his gun at you. He should say that he needs backup into his radio. Kill him with a gun. If done correctly, he should be dead, but still standing. Once he gets off the radio, he should fall down and die.
4. The C.J. dies dancing game glitch: Enable the 'Pedestrians riot' and 'Pedestrians have weapons' codes. Enter the dance club and start the dance challenge. During the dance, a pedestrian may have a rocket launcher and start shooting. More people will come in and watch you dance. If the pedestrians are too close, then you will be inflicted with damage from the rocket launcher. If your damage has passed the point of making you wasted, when the dance is over the message will appear stating that you can dance to a harder track. After the message disappears, C.J. will drop to the floor dead.
5. The underwater Ballas game glitch: After you complete the End Of The Line mission and start taking territory. go to the pier with the Ferris-wheel in Ballas territory. Start a war at the end of the pier down near the chili dog vendor. The Ballas will appear to be below you, but not in a boat. They are walking on the bottom of the sea. Drop a few satchel charges there to kill them.
6. The missing gun game glitch: Have a gun capable of doing drive-bys and go on a date with Denise riding in a motorcycle. If she asks if you want some 'coffee', say 'Yes'. When you are done and get back on your bike, you will not have the gun out. This will fix itself when you get off the bike.
7. The wrong dialogue game glitch: During the Reuniting The Families mission, the police helicopter announces that they are the 'Los Angeles Police Department' instead of the 'Los Santos Police Department'.
8. The when Roadtrains attacks game glitch: Get in a Tractor, which can be found in Blueberry, and find a Roadtrain. Roadtrains are huge semi-tractor trailers. They can also be found in Blueberry. Back up into the Roadtrain with the tractor and begin to tow it. Try to go has straight as possible, until you get up to top speed. When the Roadtrain starts to twitch like it wants to turn left or right, make a sharp right or left turn in the Tractor. The Roadtrain will turn very fast and flip out, throwing the tractor.
9. The fall through the ground game glitch: There is a property to buy directly above Madd Dogg's mansion in the Mullholland area. You do not have to have buy it; just go there. In the back is a waterless pool and a wall on the east side. Walk up against it and you will fall through an invisible wall and continue falling until you reappear back on the ground. You can use the Jetpack to fly around in blue hell.
10. The fall through the ground game glitch (2): Go to the Ganton gym and park a car in the doorway, with the hood touching the door. Get out, jump on the hood, and walk inside. Once inside, walk back out again. You will appear in a hallway. Walk towards the wall, and you will fall through the world.
11. The fall through the ground game glitch (3): Walk behind the Mullholland safe house to the pool. Face the side that has five windows. Walk into the one closest to the corner. If you do not automatically fall, walk to where the iron support beams end. You will start falling. In a few seconds you will land around the billboard that is in front of the Vinewood sign.
12. The fall through the ground game glitch (4): Go to the building where the mission 'End Of The Line' took place, where you killed Big Smoke. Note: This will not work after you complete the mission -- you should be playing a new file to do this. Get a car and ram the wall in the front. You should either break the wall and go through or break the wall and get pushed back from the impact. Then, drive in and you will fall through the ground and end up back on the street. Sometimes your car will disappear when you get put back on the street. If you walk in, you will fall but when you are put back on the street you will not lose any health.
13. The walk through fence game glitch: Across from Zero's RC shop is a car park with a metal fence. You can walk through the piece next to the car that is in the car park.
14. The fly under city game glitch: Go to the Ganton gym and park a car in the doorway, with the hood touching the door. Get out, jump on the hood, and walk inside. Once inside, you will appear in a hallway. Enable the 'Spawn Jetpack' code and wear it. Walk towards the wall, and you will fall a short distance, then be able to fly under the city.
15. The reach hidden areas game glitch: Enter the Ganton Gym and spawn the Jetpack. Go over the arrow, out but do not go out. Fly up through a blank tile. An all-black area will appear. Use the thermal goggles to see all the people you have killed. You can also see an illegal tattoo parlor, a tornado, a hidden city in your garage in San Fierro, a tornadom and other things. Do not lose height or you will have to kill yourself when you land.
16. The buy hotdogs from dead vendor game glitch: Go to the end of the pier with a Ferris wheel. Enable the 'Weapons' code and obtain a rocket launcher. Find the hot dog stand at the far end. Shoot it with a rocket launcher. Jump in the water under the pier, and you should see the stand floating in the water. You can still buy hotdogs, even the vendor is dead.
17. Misspelling game glitch: In Downtown Los Santos, there is an Atrium. (you fight inside it in Big Smoke's mission, Just Business). There are two entrances; a front and a side. When you enter the front door, the corner display correctly shows 'Atrium'. However, if you enter the side door, the corner display shows that you entered the 'Attrium'.
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