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GTA San Andreas Game Cheats
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Alt. name(s): Grand Theft Auto SA, GTA SA, GTASA 
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1. The jump through window game glitch: Near the safehouse where your girlfriend Millie lives (directly east from the Abandoned AC Tower; costs $50,000) are windows that you can jump through. Climb the wall beside the house and jump on the roof. You can go through the windows. You can see your garage, shoot people through the window, and if you get a wanted level of 2 or more, can get policemen trapped in your garage. Be careful; when you jump through the window and want to get out you must step back from the window and jump until you can cling onto it, then climb back up.
2. The wrong casino name game glitch: Check the map that was included with the game. Look in Las Venturas near the casino entitled 'The Clown's Pocket.' This casino cannot be found, because it is named 'The Ringmaster' on this map. However, in the game it is called 'The Clown's Pocket.'
3. The fall through the ground game glitch: Enable the 'CJ jumps higher' code. Buy the house in near the country club. Get on the second or third stair facing the door. Note: You must not have a parachute or you will die on entry, but must have maximum health and armor. Jump while moving forward, and you will fall for about twenty seconds. When you arrive, there will be a hill with houses, no cars, no pedestrians, and you cannot use any codes to spawn a vehicle. You can however walk in some areas of darkness. You must reset the game to exit this glitch.
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