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GTA San Andreas Game Cheats
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Alt. name(s): Grand Theft Auto SA, GTA SA, GTASA 
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36. The invincible flaming car game glitch: Enable the 'Vehicle of death' code. Get in a car then get out and have a few vehicles hit it. The car should start smoking and erupt into flames. Get in the car and it will remain flaming, but will not explode.
37. The invincible car game glitch: Enable the 'Vehicle of death' code and get into a car. This trick only works for one car at a time, so make it something special. Then, deactivate the code while in the car. This will return all the other cars in the game back to normal, except for the one that you are in. The car you are in is indestructible, even if you step outside of it and try to blow it up; only now it cannot blow up the other cars on the road. Using a Pay N' Spray or any mod shop negates this effect. Note: Oddly enough, when the cheat is active and you use a mod shop, the car is again destructible, but can still blow up other cars. The next part makes the glitch even more odd. Take your new, indestructible, yet less deadly, car and put it into a garage. Save the game, and restart. The car that you have in your garage is now bullet-proof, sort of. Bullet can pop its tires and break its windows, but will not affect any other part of the car. The gas tank can be shot repeatedly, with no effect. The downside is that everything else about the car is normal; hitting walls does damage and setting it on fire or flipping it over can blow it up. You can shoot rockets at it or satchel explosives, or grenades, to an extent. The fire from the explosives eventually destroys the car, though being rocket-proof would be useful while driving. Using mod shops and the Pay N' Spray does not affect your car's bulletproof exterior; you can fix any crash problems and still remain bulletproof. Enabling the code again turns everything back to normal, as though you had put the code in for the first time.
38. The unlimited nitrous game glitch: Activate the nitrous in a car and put it inside your garage. While the nitrous is still activated, shoot the car until it explodes, then allow the garage door to close. When the door opens again, the nitrous will always remain activated in that car.
39. The exceed garage limit game glitch: When you want to park a car in a garage but the game states that you cannot store another vehicle, you drive the car near the garage and get out. Then, hop in the car and drive in.
40. The get automatic fire with any weapon game glitch: In two player mode, enable any weapon code one time. Waste all the ammunition in your SMG gun. Then, hold the weapon you want to have automatic fire (Desert Eagle recommended). Get in the passenger side of a car while the other player drives. While holding the Desert Eagle in the car, enable the same weapon code again. You can now shoot the gun automatically.
41. The get any gun for drive-by in two player mode game glitch: Start two player mode and use up all of your Uzi ammunition. Select the weapon that you want to use. Note: Not all weapons work, but the following as well as possibly others will: pistol, Uzi, shotgun, silenced pistol, and AK-47. Get into a car. Have player one enable a weapon code that contains the weapon that you selected. You should now be able to use that weapon in the drive-by.
42. The stuck playing basketball game glitch: While in the Jetpack, if you play basketball you will get stuck and have to re-load the game.
43. The wear night vision goggles without their effect game glitch: Activate the night vision goggles and play any type of arcade game (They Came From Uranus, etc.). When you exit the arcade game, CJ will still be wearing the goggles, but their effect is not there.
44. The change song on radio game glitch: While in any vehicle except for anything involving the law (police, army or ambulance), set it on a radio station to your liking. Then, enable the 'Spawn Jetpack' code. If done correctly, the last song that was playing on that radio station should be different. CJ's is also wearing a Jetpack inside a car, and his legs are going through the bottom.
45. The freeze game game glitch: While driving the Vortex hovercraft on land, if you are do a power-slide and Triangle or R2, the game may freeze, and you will lose all unsaved information. Try not to press R2, L2, or Triangle until completely stopped, and facing forward.
46. The fight with cell phone game glitch: Wait until Cesar calls on your cell phone and tells you that the Yay or courier is leaving San Fierro and that they are on bikes. To fight with a cell phone in your hand, press Triangle to hang up while he is talking to you. Then, immediately aim at a pedestrian with your fists as a weapon. Your cell phone should still be in your hand. You will be able to hit people with the cell phone. If you change weapons, it will disable this effect.
47. The stab someone with your fist game glitch: While stabbing a downed or dead person with the knife, tap L2 to put away your knife and just have a fist. It will sound and appear as if you are still stabbing the person only with a bare fist.
48. The devoted bodyguard game glitch: Start two player mode and get on a skyscraper. Have one player on the edge of the building and the other player directly behind him. Have the player on the edge jump off, and immediately afterwards have the other in the same spot jump off. As soon as one player lands, the second one will follow and land on him. You will now notice that the second player will have almost full health, using the first player as a cushion.
49. The scared cops game glitch: Go into a Burger Shot restaurant and kill everyone. Then, leave and immediately go back in. Kill everyone until you have four stars on your wanted meter. Cops will enter the shop. If you start shooting, all the cops will act like the people in the shop, and curl up scared. The cops will not shoot you. If you kill them, more will just keep appearing in the same locations.
50. The cops spawn in club game glitch: Get a three star level level while in a club. Three or four cops will appear and start shooting.
51. The recruited cops give wanted level game glitch: Enable the 'Recruit anyone into your gang' code. Go up to some police and press R1 to target them (without a gun in your hand). Press Up to recruit them. Go anywhere where the cops are not at. Shoot or punch someone, or just shoot nothing. Your recruited cop will put a one star wanted level on you.
52. The gang members in house game glitch: Make a gang, with however many members as desired. Then, go inside your house and press Up to call for your gang to follow. They cannot go inside the house. Save the game. When you are done, they will be standing in the kitchen. You can shoot them, punch them, or walk through them with nothing happening to them. They will talk to you, but they do not move and nothing hurts them.
53. The invincible zombie game glitch: Find a cab driving around with a passenger. Note: This may also work with other cars and your gang members. Take the car and drive it into water (best done at the Glen Park area in Los Santos). Get out of the car as it is driving into the water and go ashore, so you can see the passenger trying to swim. After a short while he or she will be dead, still are trying to swim. Aim at the person and the target will appear black, indicating that the person is dead. Fire at the car's gas tank to make it explode and send the person flying ashore. They will now run around for awhile, then act like a normal person. However, they will be invincible and will still be targeted black.
54. The zombie homies game glitch: Wield a knife (tier 2 weapon), and walk up behind one of your fellow gang members. Target him and press Up to recruit him into your posse. Before he can turn around, press Triangle and cut his throat. Note that after you do so, he will fall to the ground quite differently than the other members of the population. As soon as he hits the ground, he will rise back up 'from the dead'.
55. The fire while out of ammo game glitch: If you fire a gun out of a car in two player mode with no ammunition, it will still fire but no bullets will actually be shot out.
56. The make the moon bigger and smaller game glitch: Using the sniper rifle, shoot the moon at night. It will begin to shrink. After it gets to a certain size, it will begin to grow again.
57. The spinning moon game glitch: Get into a plane. Change the view to first person. Once the moon appears, start spinning and the moon will also spin as you do. This can also work in a car with the 'Flying cars' code enabled. As long as you are looking out from the windshield, and have the moon in sight, the moon will spin as you spin.
58. The fast pool ball game glitch: Go to any bar with a sniper rifle in hand. Play pool but do not shoot. Exit the pool table and shoot a ball with the sniper rifle. It will go so fast that it almost cannot be seen. To get the full effect, play a game to where one to three balls are remaining, then repeat the process.
59. The moving fire game glitch: Notice that when you use your flamethrower and are aimed at the floor, you create a small flame or a few that expire in awhile. When they begin to arise, the fire truck arrives and extinguishes the fire. To do this glitch, eat something beforehand to prevent hunger. This may take some time. Do a fire line with your flamethrower of at least four flames horizontally with no cops nearby (or they begin to chase you). Keep watching the fire, centering by using the R3 camera view, trying not to move CJ only if necessary. If the fire truck arrives to extinguish the fire, repeat this until you get a whirlwind of fire of a decent size. When you get it, it cannot be extinguished. If you keep it centered with the R3 camera view and watch, after awhile the fire truck leaves the fire alone. The fire physics are strange, but if you move the Right Analog-stick slowly and walk just a little bit, you can aim the fire. Keep doing this and you can move it in a certain direction. Do not worry if the flames are close to you, they do not cause damage until you move CJ to the flames. If there are pedestrians walking to the flames ,they will not suffer any damage, even though they do not runaway .However, vehicles can take damage. To make them explode they must be stopped for a certain period of time. Try it on traffic lights or when another vehicle is blocking the path. This is particularly useful on highways where cars travel at high speed. There are multiple wrecks and you can wait to watch them all explode . You will not get a wanted level for doing this.
60. The set fire to a car with no fire appearing from flamethrower game glitch: Wait for the traffic lights to turn red and the cars to stop. Stand about three meters away from the car in front with a flamethrower. Tap Circle and you will hear the sound of the flamethrower, but see no flame. The car will catch fire.
61. The flying fish game glitch: Get a rocket or grenade launcher and go near a river or beach with fish. Shoot the fish with a rocket or grenade. The fish will fly out of the water and swim around in mid air.
62. The flying fish game glitch (2): Go to any beach area. Swim a little bit underwater to find a school of fish, dolphin, or turtle in the shallow parts. Get back to the beach where you are neck deep in the water, but still able to use a weapon. Aim the rocket launcher in the part of water where you last saw the aforementioned aquatic life. Fire off a few rockets. If all goes well, you should see a splash on the surface of the water and whatever you shot will come out and start flying around in the air.
63. The falling pedestrians game glitch: Enable the 'Recruit anyone into your gang' code. Recruit three pedestrians, then get into an ambulance. Enable the 'Flying cars' code and take off (best done from your house). Gain altitude for about one minute, then press R3 to start the ambulance missions. Your pedestrians will bail out of the ambulance. Note: You can also do this with your girlfriend in the ambulance. After she bails out, the heart icon will still appear on the map, indicating that she is still alive and available for dating.
64. The dead girlfriend datable game glitch: When on a date with your girlfriend, enable the 'Super punches' code. Punch her, and she will die. However, the heart icon will still appear on the map, indicating that she is still alive and available for dating.
65. The run underwater game glitch: Start two player mode and get in a Leviathan helicopter. Land in the ocean. Have the player in the passenger side hijack the driver. He will fall straight into the ocean and be able to just walk around and shoot instead of swim.
66. The underwater player game glitch: Start two player mode, then go in a speedboat but do not drive it. Press L1 to kiss, You will notice that one of the player are missing. Press Select to get a close up view of the character that is missing.
67. The wrong restaurant name game glitch: Go to the Cluckin' Bell. Take out a sniper rifle and look at the cups hanging on the wall. They say 'Burger Shot'.
68. The free Pay N' Spray game glitch: Get a car that can be used for the pimping missions. Go to a Pay N' Spray. When the door is closing, press R3 to activate the pimping missions. Then press R3 to deactivate the missions after the door has closed and is re-opening. The door will open again, giving you a free spray. You can repeat this as many times as desired.
69. The Sub Urban turns into Ammu-Nation game glitch: While at any Sub Urban store, take out a camera and zoom in on the mirror that is close to the changing area. The mirror disappears, and you can see the interior of an Ammu- Nation.
70. The revealing territories game glitch: Get a plane and fly all the way to either the southeast, southwest, northeast, or northwest of the map where the ocean is found. Keep flying for thirty minutes in that direction, then jump out of the plane. Do not open the parachute and intentionally drown. When you arrive at the hospital, check your map. You will see that there are enormous amounts of new territories in San Fierro, Las Venturas, and some in Las Santos. You can take over these territories, and they only have one wave.
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