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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn of Destiny
Yu Gi Oh The Dawn of Destiny, YuGiOh The Dawn of Destiny

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How to unlock characters in single duel mode:
Shimon: Defeat level 1 in Triple Duel. Grandpa: Defeat level 1 in Triple Duel twice. Yugi: Defeat level 6 or defeat level 1 in Triple Duel three times. Tea: Defeat level 2 in Triple Duel. Joey: Defeat level 10 or defeat level 2 in Triple Duel twice. Tristan: Defeat level 2 in Triple Duel three times. Bakura: Defeat level 3 in Triple Duel three times. Shadi: Defeat level 3 in Triple Duel. Yami Yugi: Defeat level 14, level 12 or level 3 in Triple Duel twice. Weevil: Defeat level 4 in Triple Duel twice. Rex Raptor: Defeat level 4 in Triple Duel. Mako: Defeat level 4 in Triple Duel three times. Bonz: Defeat level 5 in Triple Duel twice. Bandit Keith: Defeat level 5 in Triple Duel three times. Pegasus: Defeat level 5 in Triple Duel. Mai: Defeat level 10 or level 6 in Triple Duel. Kaiba: Defeat level 12 or level 6 in Triple Duel three times. Rare Hunter: Defeat level 13 or level 7 in Triple Duel. Arkana: Defeat level 7 twice in Triple Duel. Strings: Defeat level 7 in Triple Duel three times. Espa Roba: Defeat level 8 in Triple Duel twice. Lumis and Umbra: Defeat level 8 in Triple Duel three times. Marik: Defeat level 10 or level 8 in Triple Duel. Ishizu: Defeat level 11 or level 9 in Triple Duel twice. Odion: Defeat level 11 or level 9 in Triple Duel three times. Yami Marik: Defeat level 14, level 12 or level 9 in Triple Duel. Yami Bakura: Defeat level 14 or level 11 in Triple Duel.
How to get characters in single duel mode: To get people in single duel mode, put them in last in triple duel mode then defeat them

Easy win (1): Get the magic card that stops all trap cards and set it down face up. Then when you attack, there are not any trap holes. This is very useful against Grandpa, because he mostly has trap hole.
Easy win (2): If you saved before the match and you know that you are going to lose, instead of waiting for the rest of the turns to go by, hold Back + Start to do an in-game reset to save time.
Easy win (3): Have Penguin Soldier and Needle Worm face down on the field. Next, use Needle Worm's flip effect to make your opponent draw the top five cards from the top of their deck to the graveyard. Then, use Penguin Soldier's flip effect to put Penguin Soldier and Needle Worm back into your hand. Repeat the same process on the following turn.
Easy win (4): Have a good attack card face up (Vorse Raider, Genie, etc.) and place Penguin Soldier in defense. End the turn while your opponent has no cards on his main deck (magic cards are acceptable). When he places an attack/defense card to the field, flip Penguin, send his card back, and send Penguin back to your hand. Then, reset Penguin in Defence. Note: Do not place any other cards except Penguin to the field. Attack with your face up card straight to his LP. Repeat this until he loses.

How to get rare cards:
When you put in a new name such as GOD OF CARDS or HEARTOFCARDS you will get a rare card such as Tri-Horn Dragon. If you enter KONAMI as a game, you will get Cosmo Queen. When you put XBOX as a game, you will get Zera the Mant.
How to get higher in triple duelling: Getting to the next level is quite easy. If the order is easy, medium, hard, it could be a challenge. However, by putting them in hard, medium, easy order you can save your life points for an easy person. You should be able to complete it.
How to get easy magic and trap cards: To get easy magic and trap cards, unlock the Rare Hunter in triple duels. Then, just keep defeating him until you get the cards that you need. He has all the best magic and trap cards required for a deck. Note: He three sets of Exodia and multiple limited cards such as Pot Of Greed.
How to get cards trick: This trick requires a decent deck. Once you have finished the first few levels on triple duel, go to single duel and challenge Yugi or Joey. Once you defeat them, select the Slifer Statue to get three cards that your opponent used in that duel. You can do this with any character in single duel mode.
How to get good cards: Kaiba, Yugi, Yami Yugi, and the Rare Hunter will give you good cards when you defeat them in single duel mode. You can also get cards from their graveyard if you choose the correct statue.
How to get opponent's cards: In the game after you win in a duel, choosing the statue of Slifer will give you cards from your opponent's deck.
Japanese cards: The game has the characters playing Japanese cards that have not been released in the United States and possibly other countries as well. For example, when playing Joey, he suddenly plays Polymerization to make Meteor B. Dragon, a Japanese card. Another is Ishizu. Ishizu's favorite card, the monster in the background just before you duel, is also a Japanese card.
Recommended cards: The best cards in the game are Blue Eyes, Exodia, and power ups.
God cards: There are no Egyptian cards in this game . Konami have said that they were not included because the cards are not tournament legal.
How to use other decks: Unlock the desired tier in triple duel mode. Then, hold X at the opponent selection screen in single duel mode to bring up a deck selection screen. You may now choose anyone's deck from that tier. This allows to you see what is in the other character's decks and use them against an opponent in single duel mode.
How to use other decks (2): When at the single duel screen, hold X. In order for this to work you must unlock all tiers and view the credits at least once.

He will take out his version of Dark Magician about the fourth or fifth turn. Get rid of his monsters as quickly as possible.
Bakura: He uses two powerful effect monsters, but usually plays Maha Vailo and equips it with a lot of cards such as Black Pendant and Mage Power. The other one he uses rarely if you destroy Maha Vailo is Muka Muka with Gravity Bind. Use Man-Eater Bug on both of them because Muka Muka increases its ATK and DEF by 300 points for each card in Bakura's hand, and Bakura usually has about five or six cards in his hand.
Bandit Keith: When you start to get the upper hand he will begin to threaten you. He has some strong Machine type monsters, but nothing that you cannot handle. Just use some powerful monsters to wipe him out.
Duel Machine 1: He will not sacrifice for any monsters but he will use a few Trap Holes.
Duel Machine 2: It is slightly more difficult than Duel Machine 1. Just get rid of its Magic and Trap cards and it will be easy.
Duel Machine 3: It is twice as difficult as both Duel Machine 1 and 2 combined. Destroy all of its Magic and Trap cards. It will get somewhat powerful cards on the field, but you have to watch out for a Trap Hole.
Espa Roba: He will get Jinzo out eventually. In the meantime, just use some monsters to wipe out his monsters.
Grandpa: He will try to get Exodia the Forbidden One. While he is at that, you should worry about another problem that he has in his Deck. Grandpa has a Blue Eyes as well. Just use Man Eater Bug on the Dragon and worry about Exodia for the rest of the Duel.
Ishizu: She is intimidating, but not threatening. She uses an average amount of monsters, traps and effects. There not much to be worried about her.
Joey: He will use Time Wizard mostly to win the Duel. Most of the time it does not work. Joey does not like to use Magic or Trap cards, unless he is in a tight spot.
Kaiba: He will not use Blue Eyes until the end of the Duel because his personality is to taunt his opponent. Just use a group of powerful cards and take out his monsters. Eventually you will take out his Life Points.
Lumis and Umbra: They will kill you with Mask cards. They can get The Masked Beast onto the field, but you can use a Man Eater Bug to destroy it. When The Masked Beast is gone, you will have a pretty good time wiping out their Life Points.
Mai: She will use A Rising Current or whatever that Field Magic card is called. She uses a Wind Deck; be careful when she has a Harpie Lady on the field. Try to destroy the Field card as soon as possible.
Mako: Mako will use Umi to power up his Water monsters. He will also summon his most powerful card, The Legendary Fisherman. Use your Cosmo Queen to take him out.
Marik: Marik uses a lot of Dark Holes and Mystical Space Typhoons to win. Use Magic Jammer. The same goes for Yami Marik.
Odion: Odion is tougher than you think. He uses monsters, but still has a lot of Traps and Magic Cards to hit on you. Use Royal Decree and Harpie's Feather Duster and the rest is easy.
Pegasus: He wants to bring out Thousand Eyes Restrict, which is the fusion of Relinquished and Thousand Eyes Idol. Thousand Eyes Restrict's effect is that no monster can attack except Thousand Eyes Restrict itself, and absorb one monster on your side of the field. He also uses the Toon monsters as well to attack your Life Points. The only way to win is to destroy Toon World with a Magic Jammer or Harpie's Feather Duster. As for Thousand Eyes Restrict, use a Man-Eater Bug, but careful. Pegasus has two Relinquished so he can still use that instead of Thousand Eyes Restrict.
Rare Hunter: Try to get rid of his Life Points as soon as possible. He will bring out Exodia quickly with all of his Pots and Jars Of Greed, not to mention Graceful Charity. Also, use a group of discard cards to get rid of the pieces of Exodia. Be careful as you will never know when he will get the last piece.
Rex Raptor: He will fusion summon any Dinosaur monster. Use Magic Jammer or something else to wipe out his monsters.
Shadi: He will help you win. This is the easiest opponent of them all. Summon some of your strongest monsters before he plays Chain Energy and you will not lose a single Life Point. He will summon monsters and cards until his Life Points reach zero.
Shimon: He is not that experienced and uses weak monsters. Use a 1900 Attack monster to win.
Strings: Do not worry he does not have Slipher in his Deck. However he will try to get some powerful monsters on the field.
Tea: Just sit back and destroy the fairies.
Tristan: The only problem you may have with Tristan is his Goblin Attack Force. It will destroy any monster you have on the field, unless it is Gaia the Fierce Knight or something that has a higher ATK power than that.
Weevil: He will try to get Perfect Great Moth on the field, but it will mostly not work because he will put Larva Moth or Petite Moth on the field face down. Take out his monsters and squish his Life Points.
Yami Bakura: He will not summon his strongest card for some reason, which is Dark Necrofear. Even though he has two monsters face down, he still will not summon it. This is a good thing because there are very few monsters that can defeat it. Destroy his monsters and near the sixth or seventh turn he will stop summoning monsters. However, he will use Destiny Board on you.
Yugi: If you destroy Dark Magician or Summoned Skull, he will bring it back with Monster Reborn. Have lots of Magic Jammers or use Invader Of The Throne to take control of the monster.
Yugi: Yugi likes to bring out either Summoned Skull or Dark Magician. Set some Trap Holes or have an Invader Of The Throne on the field to control one of Yugi's monsters to prevent the summon.

The draw game glitch:
The game will declare a draw if you manage to activate Magic Torns and use something like Cards Destruction to activate Magic Torns' effect to bring your opponent's life to zero, while your opponent has Solomon's Wishes activated.
The cyber Jar game glitch: When your opponent has Cyber Jar set (face down defense) and you attack with Zymbra The Dark, Cyber Jar will activate and "Dark Hole" all monsters on the field. The monster card that is summon to the space where Zymbra The Dark was will have its attack decreased.

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